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studied by him no neuropathic or psychopathic stigmata occurred in the family history and previous neuropathic tend- encies in the patients themselves were found in about 10%.

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Il est certainement intéressant de trouver dans TAncien Mexique, l'emploi du type primitif de l'emplâtre moderne au capsicum contre le mal do dent«

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Une section tout à fait libre, pour l'histoire de la médecine, vient de se former dont la présidence a été confiée au Dr. Ruff de Carlsbad, le secré-

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nuted by perfoi-atiou from behind forward above the outer condyle, and excised." (Cat. Sury. Sect. 1866, p. 145.) In March, 18(55,

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getfulness is usually a noticeable symptom, and the habits of social courtesy, of decent behaviour, and of personal honour, may be departed

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also exist in the metallic sulphurs ; and the more so because the metal has acquired a special nature from that which makes it a metal. Of these virtues

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two weeks. The best day's travel was eleven miles. One day the wagons accomplished but two miles, passages through the woods having to be

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they dropped Eclectic) had stated, "The ability of a physician to effect quick and permanent cures is his chief capital. Your success will determine

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all irritation, by regulating the stools, avoiding violent use of improper diet will render the best medicines in- effectual in this disease. In general it should be light,

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Daviess, 529 ; Jefferson, 564 ; Lawrence, 530 ; Posey, 523 ; and Warrick, 816. Lincoln carried all of these counties but the last two. The vote in

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in the reduction of corpulence. But the necessity for carefulness in the diet is increased by the fact that a corpulent person cannot

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of the capture of Daniel Boone, and apprehensions of trouble at home; Clark failed to get more than half of his seven companies. In May he

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W. W. Keen, jr., on duty at that hospital, states that " nearly the entire body of the third cervical vertebra has come away,

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the eyelids can be opened, and the globe appears healthy. When the inflammation produced by air is neglected, the accessions recur

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ous. In many cases, the tendency to insanity is hereditary, and transmitted from parents to children. One of the most tertile

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Crural. .See Sf'ace, IntcrpeJuncular. A., Crypt, in a collection of crypts the area surrounding one of the crypts. A. diffluens, alopecia areata. A., Diffrac-

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July 10, 1855, and pensioned. The Pension Examining Board reported, May 1, 1872, substantially, that the ball, passing through

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all the cordial and restringent qualities of the cinnamon itself: if it is continued for some time daily, it warms and strengthens the stomach ; but this daily use is often

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Stevenson, Leader Henry, M.D. Lond., 50, Westcroft-square. w. Stevenson, Thomas Henry Craig, M.B. hond., London Hospital, e.

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Baker, Dodington George Richard Sherston, Indian Med. Service. Baker, Fredeiic Charles Joseph, North Molton, N. Devon. Baker, Fredei'ick Relland, 11, Albert-road, Brighton.

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colours ; In favours, he liketh well a mixture offout ing a little bitter and Stiptical, but withall Confor- ' yellow or reddi(h,and in growth of majefticaiforme,

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especially those of bismuth and zinc. When the flowerHgfMUK. Manchealer, hn.i given iicmerouif examples of their com- uUc i

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and the drugs of the Surasddi %xo\.\\} should be employed in sprinkling the body of the possessed child in a case used in anointing its body. Clarified butter duly cooked

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demonstrable long after the glycosuria had ceased. After giving details of these 3 and 2 other hospital cases, Hagen concludes that this form of hyper-

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the normal. There was a leucoplakia and a positive W. R. The man was emaciated, febrile, and showed signs, with the X-ray, of bronchial lymph node disease. According to Babon-

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1888 Sutton, James Bryan, Stoke Pages, Slough., Bucks. 1881 Sutton, Samuel Walter, M.D. Lond., Tunbridge Wells. 1907 Sutton, William Hubeit Reitz, St. Thomas's Hospital, s.e.

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fut érigée par la première cohorte des Tongriens à la mémoire de leur medicus Ordinarius, Anicius Ingenuus, mort à 25 ans. La figure en haut est un lapin

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rellos ; dos olhos medios da segunda fila partem para tras duas linhas de pellos amarellos, levemente divergentes. Cheliceras revestidas de pellos

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service, he was sent to Armory Square Hospital on March 20, 18S54. A ventral hernia had protruded at the site of the cicatrix.

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colitis can be diagnosed and the response to treat- not be seen, but since all anal lesions and about 80 the colon can be seen, less than 20 per cent remain

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internal disease. In consultation, Baillie had the same gift of clear, concise expression which dist inguisiied his writings. He

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Under such circumstances, if the Golgi apparatus only were used as the single criterion, great difficulty might be experienced in determining whether a

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service, he was sent to Armory Square Hospital on March 20, 18S54. A ventral hernia had protruded at the site of the cicatrix.

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least. Sacco, Hussan, Buniva and others in Italy vaccinated sheep extensively and claimed to have obtained good results, but

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LOFKI.KK (P.) (General RericM iibcr dr.n flf.sundheitmlif.nst im Fr.Uhuge QCtjen Dammarl; 18<!4, Berlin, 18fi7, S. 26! ) remarks: "Therefore it

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treatment tor vision loss in the elderly • Cryosurgery Contributors (.aryn (oilier, (iinny ( ook, Jo Inn G. Stolley, \'icki Slrutindter

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and move them by sinews or tendons, Avhich are made of white, fibrous tissue, the strongest and most flexible material in the body. These ten-

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more than one member of the family affected, and nervous causes seemed by far the most frequent precursors of the loss of hair.

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The NIH as well has worked closely with the foundation and has relied heavily upon the input of our medical experts. In response to

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After he retired from his merchant's business, Barclay lived in Red Lion Square during four months of the year, spending the rest of the time at a country house at

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abdomen, in diseases due to the action of the deranged Kapha, in urinary complaints, gravels in the bladder in the case of a patient in whose system the Vdyu has

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eter. On April 16, 1864, several smaller pieces of bone were removed at Annapolis. The enclosed photograph gives a good representation of the limb. It is seen to be somewhat smaller and

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Phys. and Surg. ; lie. Roy. Coll. Phys. and Surg., Edin. ; pres. Coll. Phys. and Surg, of Ont. Author: contribs. to med. journs. Clubs:

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been of great antiquity, and to have come originally from the Druids.'" ' " But my girdle shall serve as a riding knit, and a fig for all the

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Trochosa (tro-ko' -sah) [rpoxav, to revolve or to be round]. A genus of spiders of the family Lyconidoe, &vnv, to enter]. Insufficient habitation, the condition

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times in these intervals seem even to advance the cure, and we can truly add, that the methodus medemli has not for many years received a more powerful auxiliary.

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I say "trash," because there was not a single truth, great or small, to guide me in search of the desired knowledge. And at this point

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nor a UNC alumnus, he said he has always regarded the uni- versity as a very special place, and he understands why so many of its graduates "bleed Carolina blue in a way that is very

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now lecturing. The "Commencement" will occur about the 15th of next month. There will be about six candidates for the Doctorate. You

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A practical test was given at Rush Medical College in an amputation of a finger performed by Dr. Daniel Brainard, head of and professor of surgery

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health planning concerns. Anyone familiar with previous African geography texts will recognize the departures from the status quo ante in Stock's book. He does not

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sana measures, and the bladder of a goat or a sheep should be used in the of the body ; while Asthapana is so named from its virtue

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Gentian, 15 grains; blessed thistle, 15 grains; calamus, 15 grains; orange peel, 60 grains ; oil orange, 1 drop ; sugar, 320 grains ; alcohol, 12


1903 Guthrie, Thomas, M.B. Camb., Lyndhnrst, Mossleii-hill, Liverpool. 1891 Gyton, Walter George, 273, Lavender-hill. s.w.

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following points of interest have been collected. That heart-block of all grades is commonly associated with lesions of the auriculo-

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injury and shallower on that facing the joints. They should be large and soft, fitting the one above the have on each side two attachments of leather thongs,

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eyes. These, however, pass completely off in a few hours, leaving the patient refreshed, and completely restored. When the effects are in-

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bacillus, the micro-organism discovered by Koch of Berlin. In all cases of tubercular lungs, this bacillus is found in the expectoration, and a suspected case in which it is not found

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may use the same over and over again, if desirable; but it should In some cases the shallow-bath and the wash-tub can not be

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Florida, etc., Phila., 1791 ; London, 1792 and 1794; Dublin, 1793; and trans, by Benoist, Paris, 1799. In the Library of the Brit. Mus. Herbarium are two

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"~ 5 assumption that Structural Adjustment Programmes ( SAPs ) -"-"ease institutional capacity is at least doubtful. A more

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the o])eration, liiit were easily controlled by chloroform, and ceased entirely on the fourth day. Stimulants and full diet were

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the ninth, from which the omentum was protruding nearly one inch. Between the sixth and seventh ribs, and nearly two the thoracic cavity the lungs were found uninjured. Slight adhesion bad taken place above the point of puncture and of

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hyacinths, or narcissi with rose-oil, and having made it of the consistence of the sordes of oil in baths, anoint vriih it. But

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soon unnoticed; and it requires a little increased action to render them the objects of our attention. Yet, whe,i the energy of the mind is excited by the sensation,

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he undersigned members of the Society agree that the above nominee is eligible for Eligibility. "'An applicant who has independently (not under direct supervision of anodicr

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cxcitetl by (■hari;i:rc« in the nius<-le8 niidHirooleinmn,or by simuItanLvus would I>c a po-enllcd rlieumntio neuralgia of tbc small nerves su[>)i]y-

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an astringent principle. The gentian, the quassia, the camomile flowers, and even the cascarilla, if debility ap- pears early, may be early employed ; and with a neutral

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3. Die Himgerepidemie von 1771—1772 in Unterfranken. Verh. d, phys. med. Ges. in 7. Zur Geschichte der Lehre von der Arterienverstopfungf. Ib. VI. 1854.

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tion and when we contemplate of the marvellous material and moral changes effected, we cannot but be filled with This book is a good and useful companion to Cunning-

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I arrived in Egypt in September, 1915, and after a short preliminary tour of inspection among tlie hospitals in Egypt discussed with the Director of Medical Services, Force in Egypt,

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the miserly minister would no longer hesitate to procure the money required for the release of the sovereign, who was then undergoing such ignominy. Similar oriental

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w'ho served many years as secretary-treasurer, was elected Winner of the J. Shelton Horsley award for the out- standing piece of research in \irginia was Dr. D. B. Dun-

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His speech was entitled "What Does the Public Think About Health and Health Care How Does That Shape our Public Policy Debates" In it, he discussed public perceptions

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Image Proceasing for the Study of Brain Structure amd Function: Problems and Programs -Nancy Andreaaen, Gregg Cohen, et al

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February iiiStb, 1865, he was admitted into the Jackson Hospital at Kichmoud, Virginia, whence lie was returned to duty on

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In the following pages, however, I have endeavoured to give an outline of the work that was carried out during the period

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'99-1900. Residence: 626 Buchanan St., Topeka, Kan. MEDBERY, Josiah; physician; b. Reynoldsburg, O., 1853; s. Josiah and Enfield E. Medbery ; ed. com. sch. and acad. Reynoldsburg ; grad.

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air, since long exposure to the atmosphere is necessary to its production. The taste is acid and astringent ; it effervesces with lime, and reddens the blue vegetable

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is ordained by God for this conjunction, and that is the Archeus of Nature. He afterwards requires his operatives to co-operate with him, to fashion the

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in things foreign to our An. For although this spirit which we seek, on accoutit of its qualities, is called by these what one wilU there is hut one spirit working everywhere and in all things. That is the spirit which, when rising,

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presents a shrunken and attenuated appearance, owing in part to the low of structure in the extensor muscles and their con

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but what else they did I was not able to ascertain. Under the title of " hoddentin " will be found the statement made by

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Policlinic, Henrotin and Chicago General hospitals. Married Jeloh Larson, October 16, 1899, at Chicago. Service: Captain, M. C., U. S. A.; discharged 1919.

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six muscles in the trunk), three are in the region of the (Sevan i) ; two in the scrotum ; five in each of the bladder ; five in the abdomen (Udara) ; one about the

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Mary's Hosp.; mem. R. Coll. Phys., 1893; elected Fellow 1900; Ex- aminer in Practical Pharmacy, R. Coll. Phys. since 1901 ; Examiner

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perly insists upon it, as a strong argument in favour of the genuineness of this treatise, that it had been commented upon

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jMonarchy. Text re\ised and edited, with introduction, etc, by C. Legislative Methods and Forms. By sirC. p. Ilbert, k.c.s.i.

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when he was sent to hospital No. 1, at Frederick, and placed under the care of Dr. Redfern Davien who made the following note of the injury and autopsy: "The external wound was beneath the left

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1880 he became superintendent of the Cincinnati Sanitarium and remained at its head until his death, in 1903. An honorary degree was granted him by the

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thread that struck a particularly responsive chord with the Committee was the sheer frustration felt by many, even experienced researchers, who had tried to find their own

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of the hitter show the ])ayment of alms to the scrofulous poor. After ]{ichar<I ll's time, there is comi)lete silence in the chronicles until 14()2, when Henry

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produced in the Puri gaol by the admission of a man recently con- valescent from cholera, who was proved to be a " carrier." Flies

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used a Milk-free Fluid Diet. After an initial dose of calomel, the patient is kept on water only for twenty-four hours. At the end

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Pulv. CretiE Comp., fj. Misce. Dosis, a gr. v. ad 2)j. R Sodie Carbon, exsic, 3iv. ; Hydrarg. cum Creli. 3i]. R Ferri Seiquioxidi, Antimonii Crudi, aS, partes oequales

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Britain, and 17 per cent, were provincial licentiates. During this period the medical supply reached its lowest ebb, because

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scirrhus — c. Ventriculi, Gastroscirrhus ; see Gas- Cardi'acus super -ficia 'lis ; the middle — C. profun- coronary plexus. 3. The p>osterior cardiac plexus

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deltoid enable him to abduct the arm in the slightest degree." Examiner James Neil, of Harlem, New York, A reported: "The right arm hangs like a pendulum and is useless." Tin- pensioner \vas paid Mai

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times happens, patients complain of pain within the knee and on the inner side. I have known patients to complain of pain in the inner side of the

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iodide — the size of the dose depending upon the size of the cow and the character of the attack — in about one quart of clean water

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prisms obtained from oil of bitter almonds and isomeric Azobenzoyl {ciz-o-fit-n'-zo-il). C.;jH,5N,. A crystal- line substance obtained from crude bitter-almond oil by

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enlargement of one of the nerves of the axillary plexus." This officer died September 17, 1864, and, on the widow s claim for

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or 28.4 per cent. There remain 1,159 cases, of which 008, with 87 deaths, were non-penetrating, a mortality of 12.0 per cent., and 491, with 450 deaths,

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