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cerebral tumor, 557 — Extensive fractures of the cranium, 558 — Diving into shallow water, 559 — Fracture of the internal table of the cranium, 559 — Fracture

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such water you eat some of the stony matter. You can not escape it. Hence the cure must be fouad in taking out of the water all this in-

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' Lacana, Astrgna, Lohqiiin, Soiiltas, Jael, Jasiael, NaeL BabiHiiiel, Jahijniel. B;iijel. Seraphiel, Mathiel, B«ra«l.

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in youth should, therefore, be mo- be any set of rules for diet in derated; and, if too long intervals youth, yet, as the habits of life

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In January 1952, the Army surgeon general expressed "continuing interest in the conduct of psychiatric observations," offering funds for "Psychiatric

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days, a purgative of neutral salts. This method also most commended for this purpose, as the water dock, if this be really the herba Britannica ; the dulcamara, which

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have long wanted is some simple method which would give us a true idea of the state of the blood within a few minutes, so that

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Seuche an bestimmten Lokalitäten, und in verseuchten Häfen kann dieselbe durch Hühner, Schafe, Schweine u.s.w. auch auf Schiffe gebraeht werden.

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wounded to the dressing station, everything seemed to "go black " in the dug-out where he was resting, and from that time on he had been shaky. It seemed that he had hardly

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2. Should the constitutional and local treatment be insuffi. cient, a fomentation of slippery elm and marsh mallows will be of

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dcmiac of the suOcrcr. It a not improbable that ttie parencbrmatous ncphritiSf upon which the all)uiiiinuriu depends, is a ooiisequcnrc of tbo

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Fig. 24. AA, margin of epithelium bordering on granulating sur- face. BB, adhesive covering both margins, skin and granulations.

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Vertebral disease — k. Paralytica, Vertebral dis- the natural cavities, or in the substance of organs- ness of the arachnoid ; others of a whitish, fibro-

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was very fond of the bouquet of moselle, and Carter mentioned that he knew a man who had lost both the senses of taste and smell, but who claimed tliat

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donnee, seul Vexcedent d'energie nette sur la quantite strictement necessaire a I'entretien de la vie, est transformable en utilite zoo-

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le ceile curub coir i tosach an adbuir cuisle do legon .i. in cuisle medhonach ; 7 cuisle mullaig na srona ainnsein, 7 co hairighi

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depositing the blood in the mucous membrane, until finally nerves of the fascia become powerless by surrounding pressure,

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ceeding. If the lens is touched with the slightest weight, in many cases the capsule will be lacerated. The wincing of the patient is also

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mutation for an artificial limb, in 1870, the pensioner says "the stump remains very painful. In the eleven hundred and fifty-five recoveries from primary amputation at the upper

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off. But since the fetid smell affects the head and disorders the stomach, we must use suitable fumigations, among which

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by passing a sterilised thread through it and through the mass of tissue ; the hernial sac should be divided immediately below. In order

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the discharges. The distinction of these two cases is, however, difficult, and of little importance. It is of more consequence to ascertain whether the blood comes

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The lesion of the seventh dorsal may be responsible for the visceral dis- order and the referred pain, since the segment may be directly involved

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Private ,1. McAldee, 2d Indiana Battery, Nashville, Tennessee, February 16th, 1865. Private B. McCarty, B, 21st Connecticut Volunteers, Portsmouth, Virginia, May 5th, 1865.

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carnivorous : the stone possessed! the same virtue in a tinual fever, with a moderate heat externally, but inward- ly much greater, insatiable thirst ; perpetual tossing,

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handsome octavo volume, extra cloth, of 650 pages, double columns. $3 25. well as added lo this Formulary, and has rendered it

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they saw these programs as an opportunity for gathering data. As researchers, they were often among the first to volunteer to take the

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the body, and is not influenced by the weight of the atmosphere or any other evident cause : it takes place under the earth, for plants absnrb their nutriment in

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der singularen Losungen totaler Dififerentialgleichungen von der ersten Ordnung mit zwei variablen Grossen. Von Siegfried Ro-

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Reaction to the polio vaccine trials conducted during the 1930s further demonstrated the growing discomfort over pediatric experimentation as thousands

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"Sonderabdruck aus der Zeitschrift des Munchener Alterthums-Vereins. Neue Folge. """'■' Les arts et metiers de la Turquie et de 1' Orient, par Pretextat Le-

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fragments generated in long sequencing reads. This combi- nation of low concentration acrylamide, high temperature operation, and high sensitivity detection allows separation

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ai>peared in the nasal cavity. The man was continually subject to vertigo. He was pensioned, bis disability being rated total

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Cf. 1398 Trevisa Barth. De P. R. xvii, xix. (1495) 614. Bidellium is ... a blacke tre moost lyke to the Oliue and Dcrnanda, dernunna, 7ipl.\ palms of the hand; 12b, 19b, 25b,

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or rubbing the part, the skin may become scabby and small An important preventive measure is to avoid the use of agents capable of irritating the skin and producing urticaria when treat-

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rately. The latter identified it with the bacillus of ferret septi- caemia, as described by Eberth and Schimmelbusch. It was

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safely assume therefore that his condition had been giving him much trouble before this accident at Mantes: certainly he was now in a very grave state,

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of the face turn to the colour of ashes or green, or black, that is a sign of sudden death. Item when anyone has syncope,

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ulcers may appear on the urethral orifice, the vulva and adjacent skin, and even though overlooked, their seats are marked later

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sharp edges ; they may change form slightly, but they and, of course, do not sUiin. Intracorpustrular malaria ill-defined ; they have soft, shaded-otr edges ; possess

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and decreases, but never wholly leaves the patient during the course of the disease. Interynitting fevers (agues) are those

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four à pain. Bubon au triangle de Scarpa à gauche, forte fièvre, prostration extrême, cas grave. Sérothérapie. Ces deux malades ainsi que le précédent (du

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chalk mixed with water, which tranquillized the stomach. In the cour>e of a day or two she was entirely free from any

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Re: Meeting with Dr. Coutinho & Professional Eascoal January 12, 1983 Memo from Director, CDC, to Assistant Secretary for Health,

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nose, pregnancy does not exist ; when it is as soft as one's lips, • Gosselin's Fracture. V-shaped fracture of the lower end of the

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viz. fcven pair of ten fhillings the pair to the five profeflors and two protlors, and one pair ci twenty fhillings price to the vice-chancellor, lefides forty ihilUngs in money to each of

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in right pleural sac has increased. Flatness, on percussion, as high as the third rib anteriorly ; no respiratory act audible

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inches ; intestine, half divided, protruded ; interrupted suture to intestine ; gut returned after enlarging the external wound ; recovery in thirty days.

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traits spurred him on in his leisure moments to study the subject nearest his heart, medicine. To further these studies and serve, at the same

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test of the blood was also negative. The temperature rose to 39° C. and the stupor gradually deepened. There was muscular rigidity and the face was

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cluding pupillary, normal. Segmentary hypalgesia of right leg, especially about knee. Tremulous speech and writing. Patient would stop short in speaking for lack of words.

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l'intégrité du lobe occipital du côté opposé, mais à l'âge qu'il était, et dans l'état de la Science de cette époque dominée par la doctrine céré-

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C'était alors le cochon qui était la victime des recherches anatomo- pathologiques. C'est sur le cochon, à défaut du singe, que se démontrait

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The next summer he went to his native island, Jamaica, but returned in 1839 to Canada, where he thereafter continued to He tirst settled in the county of Wentworth, but removed to

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the source ol some ol his most impressive \\ firing. Toward the end of his career as a practitioner, \\ illiams was frequently asked how he managed to maintain .in

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causes, and establishing a more healthy nervous condition : gen- tle exercise, tonics, change of air and scene, an endeavor to oc-

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of darkness to iron There is some aversion to bronze but nowhere nearly so much as to iron. After steeping myself in the literature on the subject, I feel

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passing of the said Act in the thirty-first year of His Majesty's reign, and before the passing of tliis Act ; or shall come into it

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light, percifying and small in (luantity and even fasting) should more particularly be beneficial. A case of cough relieved by the use of Tri-katii, ■]- or of clarified butter

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as they approach their terminations. The veins of the cortex ascend and empty into the superior longitudinal sinus. Gowers says: "The

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Michael Foster maintains, "he and he alone discovered oxygen" (1775-), for Mayow, Priestley, and Scheele had only isolated it.

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of the Northwestern Medical and Surgical Journal; his editorials covered a wide range of medical subjects and were widely read. With Dr. N. S. Davis,

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his patients with a wand, staring into their eyes, and attending them in a private chamber in case of a "crisis." A prominent

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tions could arise from abnormal vascular causes, or the extra growth of the auditory memory region may have deprived of nutrition, by pressure, the

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drams; bicarbonate of soda, 2 scruples; water. \ pint. Mix. To this mixture add 35 grains of tartaric acid. Take the whole

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circular splint and bandaged. In the case of Sphutita (cracked) or Pichchita (bruised) thigh-bone, the part should be also bandaged in the aforesaid manner. 20-24.

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the bronchi. This accident is particularly liable to occur during deliveries with breech presentation. If, as happens frequently, the

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without fever, and the appetite keeps up, there is little danger. Extenuation alone is not a disease, nor a pre- disponent cause : the same cannot be said of its oppo-

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plate to fit over and partially enclose the ulna side of the hand for supination, the plate being modified in its shape to embrace the radial aspect for pronation. A

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This work was first written in German. The task of translation was entrusted to Mr. """ Beitrage zur Geschichte des Biers und der Brauerei. Gesammel-

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12. Hanna, E. E., and Watson, D. W., Infect. Immun. 7, 14. Harvey, C. A., Milton, A. S., and Straughan, D. W. 15. Cranston, W. 1., Hellon, R. F., and Mitchell, D., J.

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Stores people again had great difficulty in getting rations and supplies. The men s boots were going to pieces rapidly and only

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Coimplcx, complexion; passim; R.A. complexio. Cf. c. 1400 Langfranc's Cirtirg. (IMS. B.) 10. The qualities ben foure: hot, colde, moyst, and drye, and complexiouns ben by ham,

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they are concerned, the sin brings its own punishment, and the punishment is sufficiently severe. It makes no difference, that they

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granatum, fusible as resin, brittle as glass, of fixed substance, and much heavier than its own metal. The star of lead is like cobalt, black, but trans-

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and McMtal Cultivation iipou KealtU: by A. Brighatn, M.D. Third edi- REI.IGIO MEDICI, AND ITS. SEQlEIi, CHRISTIAN MORAIiS :

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first. The symptoms are nearly the same as in the acute form. Treatment. — The treatment should be commenced by a lobclr

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ni du an tinadh sin dfuaradh co romor ar teithidh na cosachtaigi. Et curtur letus 7 popin, 7 coriandruim ina mbiadhuibh, 7 is

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terns continuee. Tel est me ne le pouvoir de l'habitude sur l'economie animale, que les poisons les plus snbtils devien-

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gusted with the defective sanitary arrangements of the generality of houses, ancient and modern, builds a dwelling for himself and his

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by a spoon. Sdly. CLARIFICATION-, performed by add- ing the whites of eggs, or such fluids as will coagulate ing, without pressure, the fluid to be purified through

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flatulent colic with costiveness, a suppository made of asBafoBtida, rock salt and hooey, and smeared over with clarified butter, is in-

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the sides ; and the legs and loins may be rubbed with hot oil, or anointed with fat ; linseed, too, in the form of a cataplasm,

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brow aish enamal ; the part furthest from the flame is whiten- Cope Diamond. — Colour brownish black — opaque— struc-

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and motion, of the head, face, neck, etc. Every bone of the back and chest, every bone of the limbs, and every other bone has muscles attached to it to hold it in its socket or place

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the clinic of this department was one of the largest, if not the largest of the kind in the city. A great variety of cases embracing all forms of Eye and Ear

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