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firm consistence. Patient had received a gunshot wound of left side of chest, ball fracturing seventh rib made its exit through
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cecum. The mesentery after being divided is stripped back to junction with the cecum, laid open by separating the peritoneal laj-ers and dissecting back by blunt dis-
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transient and occurred only with relatively small doses. These results were then applied to the treatment of the blood diseases in human beings. Two
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ordinary degree of confusion. Guy of Cauliac, indeed, main- tains that there is little necessity for distinguishing lepra, alphos,
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right side. He was treated at the Tenth Corps Hospital till May 19th, and was then admitted to Hampton HospitHl. The bleeding was each time arrested by plugging the wound with lint and styptics. Death, June 12, 1864."
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in their combination, or are followed by deficient gastric aggravate the Rasa (chyle), which, in its turn, aggravates blood (lit. leads to its imperfect digestion) which finds
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experienced surgeons who have reported such accidents; but after a careful examination of the histories of the individual cases, and weighing the evidence impartially, I am sure,
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1889 Sykes, John Herbert, M.D., Loud., Birkdale, Smdliport. 1881 Sykes, Matthew Carring-ton, M.D. Durh., ITemel Hempstead.
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ary, Missouri Pacific Hospital, and the Arkansas Children's Hospital, Little Rock, .Arkansas. Third edition, thoroughly revised, published 1943. Octavo, 471 pages, illustrated with
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Put into a barrel, hot water 5 gals. ; brown sugar 30 lbs. ; tar- taric acid t lb. ; cold water 25 gals. ; hop or brewers' yeast 8
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than four or five hours after breakfast, and the best time in the day for this meal is one or two o'clock. The food should be
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clean, aiifi, after iv few flays more, tetnpeniture falls t4> tiormal, and the patient speedily convalesctis, Diarrhoea or diuresis may oceur during the decline of
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parts of Montana. In some localities the flowers are pure white, while In Colorado the plant which is most ordinarily known as loco weed
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had the radium been used earlier, might never have occurred." He gives details of several striking cases, some apparently hopeless, and
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])arietal by eonoidal ball. Corps anil Washington hospitals. Kemoval of fragments of depressed bone, Ajiril 8th. Death, Burns, John, Private, Co. A, 45th New York. Gettysbuig, July 2d, 1863. Fracture of cranium by couoiilal b.all.
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Gardiner was the first in Chicago to limit himself strictly to the eye and ear. There seems to be some doubt as to who was the first man in Illinois
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Erkrankungen, welche von den Krankheitserregern der Dysenterie erzeugt werden, müssen wir — ebenso wie wir das bei der Halsdiphtherie annehmen,
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fast squames with or without bacteria. This latter may appear to be an unnecessary distinction, but it is really one of great importance,
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History. — This is a very common plant to the Western States, growing in woods and prairies, and along rivers and streams, flowering from Jvdy
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preservation of nature. In their studies of indigenous people, Schoffeleers and van Binsbergen have argued that shrine activities and ecological processes are mirror images of each other
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can rod without regretting that such a celebrated surgeon should have allowed his feelings to have assumed too much iiscenduucv on his judgement. We do not, however, pre-
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instances are printed on pages 131 and 132, thirty-seven cases being complicated by i O MEAUIIEK, Cases iit Military Surgery, in Am. lied. Times, 18ti2, Vol. IV, p. X5.
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the very same institution over which he has been called to preside besides having been closely associated for several years with the
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So anyway, there was not only allegiance to Aramco, but also sort of an allegiance almost like we were a military support team. We
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operation of excision of mucous membrane of u. Endo- operation of removal of body of u. for fibroid. Hystero- pain in u. Hysteralgia ; Metralgia ; Metrodynia ; Hys-
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The casualties were few and our duties not too arduous. We were in a coal-mining district so there was a goodly supply of fuel
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matter continues to flow from wound of entrance in forcible jets, during each exjiiratory effort of coughing; during inspiration,
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below the knee. There was no pain on pressure over the nerve trunks. The electric reactions normal. The patient could now walk on crutches. He was invalided on the
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instances where the saline controls for a given result consisted of only three rats assayed on the same day, interpretation derived from the three saline controls alone.
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MacLaurin does not approve of, because at the age of fifteen to eighteen a three to five years' loading is so trifling as to have little effect beyond
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meal or gruel. If the disease becomes chronic but little can be The sheath of a stallion may be kept clean by occasionally
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-rill set in at a later date and advance to full restitution. In the septic joint damage to the cartilage occurs so rapidlv
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pepper, or whiskey and hot water, or salt and spirits, to the affected limbs. locally with safety and advantage. In any curable case passive exercise
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marks, that the brain cannot properly be said to derive its powers from the heart, since an animal will run, breathe, and cry after
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and lobelia in emetic doses for the purpose of dislodging the membrane. The .secretions should be increased even to ptyalism by irisin, the effecf,
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Gegensta-ndes und Treffen geführt wird und vollgewichtig in die Waagschale Möge sie auch anderen Anstoss gehen, sich etwas mehr mit archäologischen
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The majority of surgeons believe that it is best to operate upon the worst side first, and then to operate on the other side six or eight
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found floating on the surface of the water should be skimmed off with both hands and kept in a safe basin. Bhadra-darvadi group), meat-juice, milk, fermented rice-
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to relieve by a sedative power. From this it is proba- bly useful in stomach complaints : and if it be an em- the hysteric and nervous habits, where the discharge
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by which all things aredefcjibed and iignified in the the manner of their figurings, to thofe Planets and figns of which thy were made, the riiaking of "which
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Case — Private Thomns Adams, Co. V, 7lli Wisconsin Volunteers, aged 18 yenrs, was wounded at the liattle of the Of these eight cases of operations on the intercostal, three were for secondary and
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of animal food — a diet cf potatoes and other articles, containing little nourishment in proportion to their bulk, not being injurious unless it
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its transformation into blood No; we have another, and the greatest gas-works of all, when we get to the lungs, which receive the lymph almost in its pure state with the venous blood
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Or le mercredi 29 janvier, le projet de statuts de cette Société, rédigé de telle façon que rhospitalité la plus large soit offerte à tous ceux que la question intéresse, sera la
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28 siue3 to pe mundifiyng, and afterward vfiih consolidatyue3 and desiccatiue3, as it is seid afore of pe emoroides hid in micrologio suo, Recipe one made oi eiren, or one oi rose, commended
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of the Jive senior professors of Arts and Faculties of said Col- lege, and the Principal of minor or Upper Canada College (see
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Liquid mixtures, usually of insoluble medicinal sub- stances, suspended in water, for external use. To be Lotio Adstringens, N. F. Warren's Styptic. Mixture of
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water; flour, 17 flesh-forming and 66 heat-giving — it consisting mainly of starch, which is an essential to the heat-giving prin-
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Grand Fleet and given for my headquarters tlie Hospital Yacht Sheelah, stationed just above the Forth Bridge. The yacht was fitted up for ten officer casualties, Avith an excellent
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have enough oil. The government would be in a serious problem." We were always very friendly with the military. We d go down to
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autumn of 19 12. Probably they would have been set down as typhoid, had it not been for careful study of the serum reactions. In two
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A condition in whiob tbc gluns penis cannot be retracted into tlie prepuce, either because the opening is too narrow, or the glans too
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In a Bieries of 100 consecutive cases treated ati the Seale Hayne Hospital, the majority, if not all, of which might have been
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Under the name of the ' doll's eye ' {imppenauge) Widowitz, of the Graz University Children's Clinic, describes a slight protrusion of the eyeballs
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Unguentum rubeum quod ejusdem est efficacie et virtutis cujus et ungiientum album, excepto quod magis desiccat et pruritum in parte removet: K. cemsc
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Carotids — a. Ciliares, Ciliary arteries — a. Corporis callosi cerebri, Mesolobar arteries — a. Jugulares, Carotids — a. LethargicEe, Carotids — a. Mesolobi-
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the habits of the people with reganl to the disposal of night-soil. In the fieces the ova exhibit no trace of segmentation or of differentiated embryo ; but if
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atoxyl causes the spirochaetes to disappear from the blood in twenty to thirty hours, and even severely ill hens recover. The authors hold
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a person affected by it could not hope to evade or in any way escape from this complaint, and there were many who, having had such inter-
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1907 Stephenson, Robert West, Cannon Crag, Windermere. 1873 Stericker, William, M.D. Aberd., 30, Park-lane, Croydon. 1893 Stevens. Algernon Francis, Indian Medical Service.
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order. A collegiate education, with a good knowledge of medicine, was his. Evidently he was studious, for we learn: "He had studied with
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enfants (fils de 11 ans et fille de 8 ans) ont succombé. Un autre cas, le qua- trième, est en môme temps, constaté à Stamboul. C'est un garçon de boulan-
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phenomena such as we are familiar with in the thyroid dis- Under the war conditions, it might be thought that these somatic disorders yielding the so-called symptomatic mental
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fill up into barrels for sale, leaving a little, say one-eighth, as before, and it will become good much quicker than be-
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to drink, and put a hot loaf of bread into the drink. the sick mans wamb, also withstandeth this disease. For bowel wounds and sore of small guts ; into good oil
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Cap. 121. rtpv.'Mov (fol. r. 66) == Erodium glaucophyllum Ait.; dans le Codex Cœsareus, bonne figure du Geranium tuberosum L., suivant Daubeny.
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patient and his friends in the care of putrid cancers which lose their odor entirely if granulated sugar is Streptococcus Infections. The liahitat and distribu-
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fortune, or position. The results are most truthfully stated by an emi- " Who marries for love, takes a wife ; who marries for fortune, takes
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bone was very much comminuted ; the soft parts were healthy, suppuration not having set in. The constitutional state of the
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Chine, l'insalubrité provient de l'humidité extrême qui vous fait frissonner, et de l'énorme accumulation de détritus organiques (animaux et végétaux)
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by hypnotism, or by any other method in these cases, war- rant us in supposing that there are no such fine molecular changes as Oppenheim and von Sarbo assert. Such experi-
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carried out. This condition of medicine in Chicago was brought about by the development of medicine at the University of Chicago, at Rush and at
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Hutch - - A. B. Smith donned the mourning garb and took his place in the ration line-up. Wearing a long black coat and tie, a
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the Government to meet his drafts ; but I have a distinct recollection that Mr. Piatt expressed to me a strong determination, before the interview,
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tomatic mammitis, the study of which merges into that of the general Causation. The general cause of acute mammitis, like that of
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The appearance of all kinds of grass seeds in the food of nearly all the aborigines of our southwestern territory is a fact well known, but
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Vermiceous (ziir-niish'-us) [vermis, worm]. Relating given by Ross to the large pviiform zygote or sexually Vermilingual, Vermilinguial {viir-me-lin'-g-ival, -g7ve-
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On the island of St. Kilda the former mortality of 67.2 per cent, of new-born infants, was promptly abolished by dressing the
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1917 — Cecidias brazileiras quese criam em plantas das familias: Com'< Euphorbiaceae, Malvaceae, Anacardiaceae, Labiatae, Rosa-
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eigentümlichen Hautkrankheit litt, verpflegt. Eine fast symmetrische Verbreitung an den I3eincn, die Entwicklung in zwei heftigen und ein ])aar schwächeren Aus-
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American Fur Company, the commercial "octopus" of the period, and served as Associate Judge of the Circuit Court. He was a zealous fi'iend
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A round musket ball, fired from a distance of about one hundred and fifty yards, entered the eighth intercostal space of the left
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Thoracentesis.- — This operation was occasionally resorted to during the war to relieve the effects of efl'iisions resulting from acute and chronic pleurisy; and, more frequently,
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1679, T. II, Obs. 49, p. 84) cites a case observed by Borel, in which both scapulae were shattered by a bullet. In the three fatal instances of shot fractures involving both scapulae, 1 the patients
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3450 öofiUzbtischel. m. or a. 2. 3492 QefMzmal, n. 1. vascular 3464 Gefäazeinmündung, f. anas- ,.„„ „ ™l'"" ™"t of resscU
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balmony, cloves, and prickly ash, of each four drams; cinnamon, two drams; Turkey rhubarb and cayenne, of each one dram ; fine sugar, three ounces-
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black varieties, is obtained, similar objections can always be raised to accepting these parasites as the and frequency of their association with this disease
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patient home in a couple of days or send him back down to the local hospital, because the local hospitals did have beds and they
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"WTien half the body is hot, and the other cold ; when what is eaten is not digested, and does harm ; the deranged bile and phlegm have

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