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which brought every new production before his eyes, and called for his decision, the author thought that the principal questions were decided in his mind, and had little doubt of render-

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cord until its pulsation has ceased, or has become quite feeble. In all instances where respiration does not ensue immediately

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tion of the linen is usually conclusive evidence in the case of boys. lue genital organs, too, receive an undue share of attention. Tin-

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KriegschirurgiscJte Jicitrdgeaus dem Jahrc l&C)fi, Breslau, 1870 ; GURLT, E., Der Internationale Sr.huiz der im Fcldc Vcrwnndeten und Erkrankten Krieger,

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the wake of other sciences, until it could utilize the advances made by physics or chemistry. Black magic was concerned with producing drought, famine,

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compensation for the fact that I repeatedly breathed poisonous gas into my lungs that will be all right. But I will never be able to forget that my

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greater confidence one may have in the reliability of the average, and that the larger the number of animals used, the more nearly will the average approach

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Paris, together with an equal number of associates. Permanent professorships would ensure continuity in the mode of teaching, lack of which had been one

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in the part. (Cat. Surg. Sect., I860, p. 456, Spec. 1190.) Captain Meyer was mustered out November 12, 1863, and entered the

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referred, during the war, to this category. On the monthly reports of sick and wounded, the contusions and lacerated wounds, and simple fractures, were entered numerically,

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especially staphylococcus infection may be due. AYhile in view of the fact that to-day the asepsis of mouth receives considerable attention before and after opera-

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ing effusion ; in this case the patient may never rally from his state of stupor, or, if ho does, it will be but for a short time ;

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repeated morning and evening; but the root may al- 1 hepatica nobilis Tragi is endued with the principal virtues of the ginseng. Sec Ran Historia Plantarum.

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"FISCHER (K.), Militiirarztl. Skizzen, 1867, S. 69. "MAAH (H.), loc. cit., S. 34, 73. " BARTHKLMESS und MERKEI., in Bayer. Atrztl. fntelligemblatt,

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of Lake Michigan, then along the eastern shore of said lake to Missili- mackinac thence easterly across the North end of Lake Huron to the

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muscular power rather than otherwise ; and also that perfection of muscular function depends less on the exact form of the skeleton than

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(188(5), who claimed to have developed unfertilized silkworm eggs by rubbing them gently with a brush or In- temporary inunersion

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deposited in thin quadrangular plates, which are often cubes, containing about 0.68 of water. It is not poi- sonous ; and though it has been tried in medicine, it

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with a minimum of new tissue and consequently a shorter convalescence. It is also reasonable to assume this re- pair may go on so rapidly and the new vessels form so

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military hospital at Fort Cottonwood, and is interesting in this connection, 1 and must serve as the fifth of the series of cases of bullets extracted by lithotomy:

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somewhat decomposed, having a resemblance to hoddentin ; the second was filled with killikiunick; the third with small garnet-colored seeds

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weighed prejudice and his business increased, though grumbling con- tinued. A man with such a sense of his own importance was not content

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tomy and subsequently to perform from four to eight minor operations, be- sides disposing of as many more dispensary patients in one afternoon.

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luke, Scotland, says that when only thirteen months old he measured 3 feet 4 inches in height and weighed 5 stone. He was pronounced by the

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which are of low height and whose branches are close to the ground, will be more desirable than" those of different appearance. If the

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situations where one may wish to make an exception to this I mention this here because the final and most far-reaching recommendation for change that I shall soon propose is based on two premises:

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or inflammation, after which the bowels will begin to act for them- A writer in the Pacific Medical Journal recently made an

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quent distillation ; the distillate thus freed from alde- hyds is tested with HjSO,. If the quantity of fusel oil is slight, 10 to 20 drops of a I ; 1000 solution fur-

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better. Another and another travels to death on the same line. Then the doctor in council reports "hereditary consumption,"

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be made out, we are justified in diagnosing congenital hypertrophy of the bladder, with dilatation of the upp>er urinary passages.

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TABLE I. A Comparison of Pathology Findings with the Number of Doses of Hexachlorophene " Pathology scores: 1 - slight focal vacuolization of white matter; 2 = slight focal or diffuse; 3 = moderate

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In consequence of the expansion of the lungs, a larger portion of blood is carried into that organ ; the right ventricle is more completely emptied, and the impetus

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demonstrations of enthusiasm and applause, such as had seldom been accorded to any physician before. "He covered his face

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least a mile from the village or on the other side of the Wabash River, and Whereas certain evil disposed persons have made a practice of pur-

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hirsute, the same being the case after removal of any of the functional c 620, cent, iii., obs. 64. d Dissert., etc., Jenae.

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veian orator, 1888; Downing prof, of Med., Camb., 1874-94; F.R.C.P., Lond. ; cons, phys., Addenbrooke's Hosp., Camb. Author:

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the tree grew its wood and fruit and dropped its old bark, when it had made new and was prepared to part with the old that was of no further use to the life of the tree Would it not

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has in the work and the accuracy necessary, he finds it advisable to have it produced in a foreign country, where the printing, and the colours make dear

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of poat mortem vrouM only convey tlio absurd idea tliat the entire amount of btood in the Ixwly was increased by poisoning, sufTocation,

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Devon, one of Boerhaave's pupils who had studied Hippocrates won the Copley medal for his t ssay on antimony (1755), and in

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few paragraphs in the Congeries which it has not been found possible to identify in the collected editions of Paracelsus, or at least they offer very conspicuous

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bactériologie ont évoluées au cours d'un siècle. A la bactériologie comme à l'hygiène, il va sans dire, qu'il est consacré assez d'attention. L'auteur nous con-

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Minor Maladies and iheir Treatment. By Leonard Williams. 3rd ed. Minor Medicine. By Walter Essex Wynter. A Treatise on the Nature

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the ilium, carrying before it a portion of the bone more than two inches square; both the ball and the fragment of bone lodged

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thus do not exceed the degree of risk, and safety limits herein stipulated (reference para 19, exceeds 180 bmin' for longer that 5 minutes except during the peak aerobic power tests when

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Gregory, Duncan, et quelques autres de leurs concitoyens et contemporains, furent les premiers qui marcherent sur les tra-

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Cask. — Privati; Robert \V. Thompson, Co. D, 99th Pennsylvania Volunteers, aged 18 years, was wounded at the battle of

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nae — i. of Virginia snakeroot, Infusum serpenta- riae — i. of Wild cherry, Infusum pruni Virginianae. {Cascarill. contus. §j ; aq. btdlient. Oj. MaO«>.

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(Mtmoire lur la consolidation da playes avcc pcrte de gttbitancf, ibid., T. IV. p. 1W); CurvKIl.HIKU ( Traitt d nnatomic pat!

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impriment ; enfin les moyens de s'assurer des circonstances qui peuvent nous faire apprehender le fleau de la contagion par-

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An animal parasite captible of separating itself from its <."i •>''«;, fear]. Morbid dread of coitus. Colature. ( See Illus. Diet. ) 2. See Colalion ( Illus.

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A book unusually rich in practical suggestions.— ] fresh, and vigorous, and classical is our author's preparation ; that this is of all others the book of

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how to drive. It was maybe two or three months after that, after Roger had been back, and we were getting ready to go out on a

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infarctions. In some instances the whole lung is blood gorged, black, almost jelly like, as in acute congestion. In others these

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operation between different land claiming communities. One solution sought was to attempt to define areas being claimed in terms of their Sotho names, but this line of

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The patient was himself not alarmed at his condition. Up to the time of his accident, this man, a farmer, had never had any motor trouble, nor was there any nervous disorder

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come to terms with the past. We told the history of standards for conducting human subject research in part I, and the history of human radiation experiments

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die Hebajnmen dafür sorgten, dasz das Zeichen an die Thùrharamcr Zur Zeit der Pächter (beauftragt mit der Einnahme der Açcisen) dtlrfte

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maiden of " sweet sixteen," the utmost caution is to be observed in every relation, moral and physical. The magic wand of the

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omnipotentis nomine gesserit et crediderit, sine dubio a spasmo non erit aggravatus. Istud habeatur in reveren- tia propter dominum qui virtutem dedit verbis, petris et

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or the effluvium of ammonia in the nose. Similar irri- tation is the effect of poison in the habit, as of cantha- rides; of altered secretion, as in gonorrhoea ; of unnatu-

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in Schwefeläther — er Dr. Charles 71 Jackson verdankte. Da Maynard damals auch für einen nicht näher bezeichneten Zweck eines Lackes

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like this. This was very complicated surgery. We did a pretty good job under the circumstances, but as far as doing it as well

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irepiTraTi-jaaTW iv a\er) oXiya- rf} Be varepair) 4 Total p,ev TrepiTTciTOicnv rolcriv avTolcu %pr)crdcr0co, 5 fp tjv Be per) Oepos J, 6 p.iKpbv eirHpayeTw Kal tov

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had been carried out in Germany led him to make enquiry concerning the previous medical histories of certain of the inmates. He found

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