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health, making much of that depend upon his own experience and common sense. The perusal of the Dyetai'y is calculated to give a

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Evans, Perc}', M.B. Durh,, Royal Army Medical Corps. Evans, Thomas Jolui Carey, Llysmeddyg, Blaenan-Festiniog. Evans, Thomas Llewellyn, Penlbin-rimrt, Cowbridge, Glamorgan.

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Baricelli,' Muraltus, Deusingius, Khodius, Schenck, and Schurig mention instances of it. Cardanus describes an infant of one month whose breasts

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what is stated regarding them here. Those in the upper part of the head, more especially if they implicate a suture, are said

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qui le fait suer; le troisième jour il le purge et le quatrième jour il était guéri. C'est un cas bénin, presque un cas abortif.

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d'envoi qui assure une meilleure conservation du virus, a donné un plus la sérothérapie, des fermentations, des recherches ayant trait à Télevage

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a dose of castor oil, which in many cases will be followed by the expul- sion of the worm. If the remedy fails the first time, try again in a day

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Dr. Foege. Mr. Chairman, we have attempted to inoculate var- ious animals with body fluids of all types from AIDS patients, and

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Law Life Assurance Assn. for Scotland ; medical referee Sun, Star, and New York Life Assn. Author: Nat. Hist, of Digestion, 1898;

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970 cas se répartissent ainsi 490 hommes et 480 femmes, 135 fois les sujets L'organe le plus atteint a été le foie bien entendu, G44 observations; mais

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The mor.opetali, whose corolla is attached under the pistil, contain the jessamines, the solana, borragos, the gentianas, labiatse, personatae, &c. ; when attached

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word, had we not seen it styled a sulphat of iron. It is ancients, q. v. and in reality a sulphat of cofifier. Haiiy, A scarf for suspending the arm. In BOTANY it is the

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frégate La Méduse i), J. B. Henri Savigny, était chirurgien de la marine. Avec ringénieur géographe, Alexandre Corréard, son collaborateur dans

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representing an helmet, whence they are called galeate, rally composed of six petals, which resemble those of the lily, the tulip, and the asphodel : and is a natural

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Source: Evacuation Branch, Operations Division, OofCSurg, HQ, ETOUSA. Annual H. V'oegtly, 16 Nov 44, sub: Medical Service, South-

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Tuberculitis, tu-ber-l;u-U>-tis. Inflammation of a tubercle Tuber'culocele. Tuberculous disease of the testicle Tuberculoma, tu-ber-ku-lo'-mah. A tuberculous tumor

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calf lymph without result. It was not practicable to vaccinate the calf. It is highly probable that the disease of the udders from which

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ail muscular parts possess, although some of these parts only are supplied with voluntary nerves, and are liable to be acted upon by cerebro-spinal influence. The mode of

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Preparations of different diets. — Diet to be taken according to the Dosha and to the Strength of the patient. — Regimen of conduct. — Articles of diet.

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is adapted for action : let the causes of activity cease, and we can no longer exist. Let not this be considered as the language of Brunoniasm, or the apology for ex-

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taken sick was not ascertained. The tank in this case also received the refuse from the dwellings. In fact, it is common in India for the Hindoos

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relieve the Bufferings of tbc putient if we treat tbe catarrh and pa- Tenehf naious inflAnimaiion of the uienisi, which firei rail attcutioo

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arrested by compression with a T-bandage tightly applied around the abdomen and scrotum ; no haemostatic was found necessary.

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purposes requires certain exceptions to the general rules described here. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 requires that the

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much notice. Not only was the case remarkable in the apparent innocuous loss of cerebral substance, but in the singular chance which exempted the

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ing: when joined -with chalybeates, this advantage is more strikingly conspicuous. If ever these waters prove peculiarly useful as deobstruents, it is when they are

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ta'tin, Anachrcmp'itia, Ajtorhremp'tit. Chremp'nit, aim, in aila>te at the Rotener part of the leg. It tcnila Ihe pbii1iuigi:i of the lart fanr Bngen np«i

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,. Stirling, Alex. Williamson, IsLYi.Ytdmh.. Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. 1894 Stouham, Henry Archibald, L.R.C.P., 511, Commercial-road. e.

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"In 1871 he moved to Stockton, Calif., where he was associated with his twin brother, A. T. Hudson, until ill health compelled him to discontinue active

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presence of an accessor}'' phrenic, and the rare intrathoracic anastomosis between the phrenic and the vagus are the most important variations from

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1892 Steegmani), Edwarrl John, M.B. Durh., Isleworth. 1861 Steele, Charles, M.D. l)urh., Richmond-hilf CUfton. Bristol. 1896 Steele, Charles Francis, M.B. Lond., CInswick. "vv.

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publisher is Dr. Joseph MacDonald, jr., formerly managing editor The New York courts have disclosed a dreadful tale of fakery

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against slavery and all its works. His practical mind, ever seeking ways to remedy the ills of men, projected a scheme for settling a colony of freed negroes in Africa to

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domestic privy soou learned that he wais on a hot scent when he had found the well. Another apparently inevitable law in

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Assistant Secretary, Test Safety Panel, Atomic Energy Commission, 5 August 1949 ("Preliminary Report of the Test Safety Panel Meeting at Dugway Probing Ground-

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tracted fingers, or limbs, Galvanism has often relieved ; and in lameness from gout it has been successful. In one instance, hydrophobia is said, by Vassalli Eundi, to

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were not infrequent. Attention will be confined to shot fractures involving the wrist. 4 The layers of soft parts covering the joint arc so thin that few shot wounds in this region amount

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sucks in utero. He said that his teacher, Fabricius, had rejected this idea "as a delusion," but that he nevertheless believed it because his observations on

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jection in early cases, before injection in sprains c.c. of 2 per cent novocain solution (with 1:50,000 both sides of the ankle received an injection of 10

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in children under six years of age done in the author's clinic, no (i) The appearance in the radiograph of a foreign body or any suspicious

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2 per 12 ekyng & prikkyng. 2 And the pacient for akyng and abscess 60 doioreia, anguissh may nouber sitte ne hgge ne slepe. Whiche

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ex parte viri et quod iste defectus potest fieri duobus modis vel propter impedimentum intrinsjccum vel extrinseeum. Si fit defectus hominis intrinsecus,

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as a rule, extreme jniin, and more or less loss of power, in the parts su])})lied. In time the symptoms abate, but the ])alsy may be permanent.

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divided into 10, 15, or 20 pills : one every evening, for the 4. Alterative Poivder. vEthiops mineral 2 to 5 grs., cream of tartar 4 to 10 grs., tartarized iron 1 to 3 grs.,

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subjects for many years. Dr. Alfred Stengel, under whose excel- lent supervision the entire series is being issued, is also the indi-

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oil of almouds and castor oil, of each a fluid oz., with ajiy essential oil to scent it. A small quantity to be applied to

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Chicago. The doses to subjects CHI-2 and CHI-3 were the highest doses administered to any of the eighteen injection subjects-approximately 95

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fixa — 0. Fixed, Olea fixa — o. Fugacious, Olea fu- gacia — 0. Medicinal, Olea medicinalia — o. Vola- lyttse medicatum — o. Blistering, milder, Unguen-

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was called the reformed Egyptian, not then known on earth, and the contents of the plates formed the '"Book of Mormon." The book

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in such a grave-robbing in New York as late as 1898. Waite, too, presents evidence of sporadic incidents of this kind in the 'nineties.' But by the

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caused a relapse. While he was saying goodby to his wife, who had visited him, she was taken ill, and he went home with her. He was punished for being late in returning to the

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Eae " slmmer house " club), had devoted some of the energies which they expended upon tbe erecion of the club for their

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The pain-sensitive structures within the cranial vault are the cranial blood vessels (arteries and veins), the dura, the

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Isolation of the active substance. Active substance has been isolated from many sources. It has never been known to develop spontaneously in

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FDA's regulations, that research is involved, that there may be risks or discomforts,'that participation is voluntary and that one may refuse to participate without prejudice.

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color is bay, marked more or less like the quagga in a darker tint. Both are distinguished by the dark line along the ridge of the back, tlie dark

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of cases of Carbuncles and Furuncles. The results were very good. No new boils formed, and those present healed rapidly, the therapeutic

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Multilocular, mul-til-ok' -u-lar . Having many cells. Multinuclear, mul-tin-u'-kle-ar. Having many nuclei. Multip'ara. A woman who has borne several children.

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the comnuinity. With a view to tho narrow finances of the King's College, the Board, respeetfuliy submit to Your Excel- lency that thera can be no reasonable objection raised to the

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Parsons, Henry Fi-ancis, Tlie Heath, Sneyd-parlc, Bnsfid. Part. John Sheplej', 20, Aschurch Park-villas, Goldhawk-rd. w.

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The paper concludes with some remarks relative to the state Case of Hepatitis, by Dr. W. D. Price. This paper is of considerable interest to the profession, as it presents a remark-

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1904 and in 1905 the first graduation exercises of the training school for Dr. Podstata resigned July 16, 1906, to become superintendent of the

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September 1983 to emphasize the need for the media to provide additional, accurate information to the public without provoking

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fleshy, but choose those more spare and slim. A spare man is much better adapted to a fleshy woman than a round favored man. Two who are short, thick-set and stocky

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acquires antitoxic powers, which may be greatly increased for the pur- The symptoms of tetanus are the same in all species.

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survived for any considerable time ; they died more suddenly ' I need scarcely say that the disease here described is cynanche jjarotUcea, or

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(Vyaipat) resulting from an injudicious application of a Niruha-vasti are also found to result from the inju- their symptMTis and the course of medical treatment

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the Vayu and Kapham. The layer of skin (lit. flesh), is palatable, cooling in its potency, demulcent and envelops its seeds, is light, stomac'nic, astringent and

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Trichoptilosis, trik-o-ti-lo' '-sis. Splitting of the ends of the hair. Trichorrhexis, trik-or-eks f -is. Brittleness of the hair. T. nodo'sa,

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mund Freud (1856- ), of Freiberg in Moravia, a pupil of Char- cot, and professor of neurology at Vienna. Charcot, as we have

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be made with the greatest care. What the material of the vessel should be is matter have brought that matter to its own primal quintessence. Enough has

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(In doses of from 10 to 30 drops on Sugar, or in a suita- R Bi-boratis Sodae, Potassae Bitart., aa, fss. ; Aq. Desfil., Oj. (Dosis 3j.-3iij., pro Infantibus ; et f ss.-fiij., ter die

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We have mentioned that the ultimate fibril of animal life, FIG. 81. although cylindrical, becomes pol3'hcdral from press-

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from doorways through which the electric fluid might escape, if it entered by the chimney, A bed in the middle of the room is

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tween farming seasons. But as he grew up to early manhood he was sent to his uncle who, with Dr. Colburn, of Bloomington, prepared him for

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(32) Ad sanguinem stringendum expertum: tene pervineam inter dentés et nunquam postea sanguis exibit dum sit pervinca in ore. Aut si ipsam pervin-

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structures, customs land allocation mechanisms survived comparatively well, and inequality was less marked than in other previously indigenous cities like Kano or in those of colonial

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in the third series of visits Dr. de 5[arval accompanied rein " occurs in almost all. It requires a special  • campaign fo deal with the lice, but the campaign

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Issued in bottles off. oz. 4 (114 c.c.),fl. oz. 8 (227 c.c.) ' Wellcome ' Brand Concentrated Tinctures are prepared from picked drugs by a special process which retains the full

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To the loathsome night call can be directly ascribed the early demise of this useful servant of the people, for he fell into an open well, the

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one joint, the articular surfaces of the other being thrown out of contact. Or the movement may be obliquely lateral, when the lower

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