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whatever to pay. An awful quarrel arose, and we were about preparing for a fight, when our antagonists, perceiv- ing our arms, began to feel a little more respect for us ;
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system to succumb to the germs. It may here be noted that Sep- tember 1872, the last days of which witnessed the start of the
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whites and yolks of 2 eggs : mix the turpentine and Goulard with the eggs, gradually add the vinegar, and lastly the spirit. — Redwood's Geay's Supplement,
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of modern surgical pathology." (For further details on Dr. Fenger, and especially on his surgical contributions, the reader is referred to Chapter VIII of this Volume.)— Editor
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Keratoiri'tis. Inflammation of both the cornea and iris. Keratolysis, ker-at-oV-is-is. A throwing-off of the skin. Keratomalacia, ker-at-o-mal-a'-se-ah. A softening of the cornea.
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Dose — For a child from 1 to 2 years, f of a cake ; 4 to 5 years, 1 Ortke ; from 5 to 7 years, 1} cakes ; from 7 to 10, H ; from 10 to
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upon the system, with an effect of simply an itching sensation Might not this effect come from obstructed gases that flow
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ETHMOI'DES, os, (from ilfu>s, a sieve, and ciSot, a form}. Cribriforme, cribrosum,znd coliforme os; fora- minulentum; sflongiosum os. This bone is placed be-
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cutaneous ulcer, in all its varieties, may be included in the herpes farinosus, or dry tetter; herpes pustulosus, including the crusta lactea ; the tinea capitis (see
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Surg. Sect., p. 151. An anterior view of the specimen is given in the annexed wood-cut (FlG. 593), and a lateral view is presented in PLATE XIX, opposite, which is copied from Photograph No. 42 of the Surgical
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"° Early illustrated books. A history of the decoration and illustra- tion of books in the 15th and i6th centuries. xvi,2 56 p. 58 il.
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needed no act of Congress. To pretend to authorize it was, on their part, an interference with the internal affairs of the country, which they had
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resumed active duty in the field. He riow r (1874) suffers comparatively little inconvenience from this serious shot fracture.
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hospital ship any of his ships company who chance to go sick. Undoubtedly there was great difficultv' in " putting in your
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On the contrary, some of the most influential of those whom I have known have been old and decrepit men, with thin, gray hair and teeth
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gether in the formation of his character. He was the soul of honor. Children loved and followed him. In his chosen profession he dwelt for forty years
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der Oelmalerei" durch die Briider van Eyck. 1897. xii, 281 p. 16 illus. — 4- Folge. Quellen fur Maltechnik wahrend der Renaissance und deren Folgezeit (xvi.-xvni. Jahr-
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to locicties. This service is rendered on terms comparing favorably with those pre- Director of Clir.ical Laboratories, Anderson County Hospital
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eulated to fill up a blank which has long been felt to state of the literature of Pathological Anatomy, and exist in this department of medical literature, and j have much pleasure in recommending his work to
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All contaminated and devitalized tissue should be care- fully removed by sharp dissection. Extreme care should be taken to preserve nerves, blood-vessels, tendon sheaths
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twcDtjr ;ind thirty caM5 il oficcnanJ men whowere Mtacked lacnt fif so violent and dangcrooa a disease was emiiicDtly tures, in removing their discharges, i« oow, i bcheve, prruy
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a hospital's ability to enlarge its physical plant is only collects for services to almost all of its pat- ients, but is running full all of the time; whereas
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(irptJs), using it sometimes in cases which, if a modern may be allowed to judge, make dubious Greek. I find it hard to It seems plain, however, that <pvais is contrasted with cocpia ;
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Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri (1987 - 1988): National Research Council Committee on Mapping and Sequencing
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'itching and a slight pain (numbed ). It is found to secrete a copious quantity of thick, shiny, white-coloured A case of Nddi-Vrana involving the concerted action
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poisoning, and more or less completely comparable to the pictures of polio- encephalitis superior, inferior, acute, and polio-encephalo-myelitis acuta,
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■otnctimes in very cold and dry weather. The remot« eaoso, therefore, of this oiyaterioua Kourgc reniainH yet to be ascertained; and afiordn further proof, if indeed proof
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Anti-Streptococcus Sera ; Anti-Typhoid and other Anti-Sera, also Normal Horse Serum, bearine; the ' Wi :i i.coMr. ' Brand. Issued in hermetically-
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tion be increased to that of moderate intensity we may produce a pleasant sensation of itching being relieved,' and tend to cause
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selves as such. In addition, then, to Avhat Ave have already just said, Ave would observe that in the first moments of Avedded
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At the bottom of this pit, one or more inverted ghards or earthen vessels having small holes pierced in their upper portion are buried.
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WOODHULL (A. A.), Catalogue of the Surgical Section of the Army Medical Museum, 1866, p. 604, description of specimen 4394.
that, in biting, the tick instils into the wound a venomous saliva which causes local congestion and infiltration and presumably
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Sunnybrook Hosp. 2075 Bayview Ave. Toronto. Ontario. Pfpkin, Sarah B., Zoology Department. Howard University. Phys & Surg, 630 W 168th St, New York. NY 10032
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stomachic, but also anthelmintic, emmenagogue, antar- thritic, and febrifuge, this root has as .good a claim to these numerous virtues as any other. Bitters are sup-
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I'harin. Iniv. of ().\ford ; and Clin. Lect. in the Iniv. of Bristol. ' May Ik: corJLiUy rivumincmlcd ns a re-nJalili- summary o( the newer rcmcjirs. ci(
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and is not broad below is better thant the imposthume that has the strength of the force that expels the running (pus), one of the lungs, or frenzy to lethargy it is bad ; but it is less
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Schnitze, E. Müller, F. Boll, l-ne note de M. Melloni (1842) sur la vision. La doctrine d'Helmholtz sur la valeur des terminaisons des nerfs optiques et
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first familiaiisr himself with the normal appearance of the internal orgjins of the mosquito. The following method of obtaining and mounting the organs for microscopic examina-
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Basilikon Kuminon (Gr.) Carum copticum Benth. & Hook. Bernooty (Iraq) See Nicotiana Tabacum L. and N. rustica L. Bizousha dishi and erkek (Turk.).. .Plantago major L.
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from a variety of complications ; from pneumonia, from enteritis and diarrh(ea, from asthenia, or from such character of the symptoms and in their severity, both
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ply enough for the actual wants of the system. But what are the reasonable grounds of this inference Can anyone show a reason
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extending from the anterior margin of the external semilunar fibrocartilage to the anterior extremity of the internal fibrocarti-
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discretion, it may appear that amputation of the arm, either primary or secondary, need be of but rare occurrence, except where rendered necessary
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chymatous, pachvsalpingitis. chronic interstitial in- flammation and thickening of the muscular coal of the S., Gonorrheal, that due to infection with gonococci.
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good, and are rather a poison than a medicine. But if, by the industry of a resolved, and turned into oil; the sulphur be sublimated, calcined, reverber-
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passed through a rigid quarantine. The places and things used for such fat swine should be disinfected at intervals, and the manure
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curred by preventable disease, the loss of time, the inefficiency of workers, the increased rates to maintain the families who have
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be in the minutest state of division, particularly in the last, since the metal would be otherwise revived, which sometimes happens, particularly in a saturnine oint-
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bodily exercise. The diet should consist of rich animal broth, with a liberal amount of fats and sugar, cod-liver oil, and the tonics should be
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Codring-ton, John Frederic, Orange, Neu- South IVales. Coghlan, Edward Francis, 1, Ormonde-lerrace., Regent's Pari:, x.w.
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philosoph vollkommen. Es wäre jedoch in hohem Grade ungerecht, wollte ansehen. Ganz das Gegenteil ist richtig. Steinheim war nicht nur ein
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mals have been is an essential measure. Wells and streams receiv- ing the drainage of infected lands must be carefully avoided.
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granulations, the operation is completed by removing the pectorals In the discussion which followed, some of the speakers laid stress
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prononcee contre cet etablissement, qu'il est de mon devoir de developper les vraies causes qui ont contribue a faire nai-
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In the annals of Vermilion County reference is made to the valorous conduct of Dr. Fithian and George Beckwith, who were sent out as spies
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presence of petechias on the skin and of a very high temperature (107 to 109 ) is to be specially noted. There are great pros-
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arm; fever; nausea; headache ; furred tongue ; rapid pulse and thirst. Gave pills of mercury eight grains. 29th, patient has
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The most common complication is rupture of the spermatic artery. This occurs at the time the testicle is torn loose and may
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alkaline fluids solely is one of great importance, not only in regard to the treatment of cholera, but also in connection with the subject of diet, since
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illustration consists of the cervical vertebrae. Each vertebra is composed of a body, with seven spinous processes projecting from it. The body is
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ably, and given at proper time. The physician should direct how Bed-linen, as well as that of the body, should be aired every
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produce. If his fancy or interest lead him to breed horses for the race course, he must keep constantly in mind the fact that for this
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terfly weed or pleurisy root; bleeding, influence of weather and environ- ment, etc. It was emphasized that since 1850 many valuable prescriptions
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Farmer was well known in Dundas and, through the instru mentality of his many friends, including the late John S. Fry, beloved magistrate and former town clerk, a local Ladies Organ
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If, in the course of the cure, a fever comes on, with pains about the praecordia, and a difficulty of breathing, death is the consequence. Proper and timely bleeding
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ends, or what organs it includes. It is generally understood to mean that part of the human frame in which are the VERTICAL SECTIOX OF THE HEAD, SHOWING THE RELATION OF AIR AND FOOD PASSAGES.
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The NIH as well has worked closely with the foundation and has relied heavily upon the input of our medical experts. In response to
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Diagnosis. This presents no difficulty. The alarming general symp- toms seen at the outset immediately suggest in the case of 3'oung animals
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trephine. One of the varieties of fracture, which he describes with surprising accuracy, is the separation of the bones at a
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working with you, we have got to find a better way to address it. How many more lessons do we have to learn We have gone
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Utter is Maturated. It is piu-iSed by distillation witJi sulphuric Give the actions and uses of chloral hydrate. What is the dose for
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able speed, in a peculiar, dragging, shuffling way; in the execution he gave no sign of pain, contentedly smoking a While his status was being taken on admission, he became
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written copy of the charges preferred. All such matters shall lie over to the According to the Constitution, delegates were seated in the House to rep-
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on the skin with the finger-nail leaves a white mark which quickly turns red and becomes smaller in size. sometimes heart! to the right of the apex-beat in car-
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looking at World War III in Europe — were the troops that we were going to need to protect. In the scenarios that we were looking at in
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betrachtet, sobald man sich auf den kulturgeschichtlichen Standpunkt prägt, wenn Vesal sich ebenso zu Estienne verhält, so ist weder Estienne
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small pieces and the oats or corn bruised, he is able to fully satisfy his appetite in an hour and a half. Two additional hours are there-
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for which he says the only remedy is to plunge the patient un- expectedly into the cold bath, after which, to prevent convul-
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that many so-called eczemas of the hands anti feet are also ringworms ; (3) The demonstration of the animal origin of certain forms of favus ;
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challenging phase of the U.S. Human Genome Project, as pilot programs aimed at refining large-scale sequencing strategies and resources were funded by DOE and NIH
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From a close examination of the data described above, obtained in operated animals, there is an indication of a possible difference in the roles of the an-
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the surroundings take on the form of the ruins in which I " Sometimes I do not think that I thoroughly awaken, as I seem to doze off, and there are the conflicting ideas that I am
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t NKCnonFEli. IlawUiurh der Krir<iscliirur;iie. Leipzig, 1867. Zweite Halfte. AdaM.S. Additions to Caliper's Dictionary, 8th London ed , p. 374.
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sent age, will be readily admitted'; and I have reason perhaps to apprehend, that I have thereby exposed myself to the strictures
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as after dark about half the officers Mere not allowed to 9X> aci'oss to that part of the Camp where the Library was situated,
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rome, ytale, & almen, pat the pope, ])o emprowre, & all oper crystyn kynges, with pev peple {pe french kyng except) be sett a3enst owr
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crescentic or semilunar lobes. Syn. , Z., Quadrate; Anterior (of the liver), the quadrate lobe. L., An- terior Inferior (of the cerebellum), the biventral lobe.
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