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a ga.stric fistula, on account of a stricturecl esophagus. Heidenhain failed to olitain this result in a fistulized dog, whence it was inferred that he had in

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lage of the sternum, in which case mediastinal hernicTS most commonly supervene. As, on the other hand, the rumen, owing to its size, form

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I, Halsganglions bei einem Pferde, Röthe der Bindehaut, Abmagerimg, Marshall Hall dem Gangliensystem eine trophische Funktion Kti, endlich

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14, 1862. He was convoyed to Frederick, und received into Hospital No. 1 three days after the injury. A -taut humerus, where it lodged. It was found impossible to extract the missile by forceps. On September 21st,

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fiut nothing is a better illuBtration of the dill'ereuces be- tween huti}(«r and thirst, than the iiiHueuce of disease over

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and inducing greater confusion than we should remove. Many parts of this article will be, of course, repeated that kind of dysentery in which the discharge is of a

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Sclerocyclotomy (skle-ro-si-klot> -o-me) \aKkrip6q, hard ; KviOioq, a circle ;, a cutting]. Hancock's opera- Sclerokeratoiritis [sile-ro-ker-at-o-i-ri'-tis) . Combined

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its preparation that is not STRICTLY AMERICAN, and the design of the Author and Pub- lishers has been to produce a book worthy of the country.

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the First Division Hospital October 7th. Assistant Surgeon T. G. Mackenzie, U. S. A., reported that the patient was discharged

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were heated as to the water or the air of the room. The principal natural springs were the thermae at Baiso near Naples, ThermopvlaD in Greece (espe-

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and foetid discharge into the nares, even after six or eight years. The patients thus suffered ill-health because of the local lesions, and mental distress from feeling that their

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was transferred and admitted to Broad and Cherry Streets Hospital, Philadelphia, and, on June 22d, to Turner s Lane Hospital. Assistant Surgeon C. H. Alden, U. S. A., noted : "Gunshot fracture of left arm,

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an onion springs up, not a rose, a nut, or a lettuce. So, too, from corn comes corn ; from barley, barley ; from oats, oats. Thus it is, too, with all other

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ities, and during his confinement in prison professed repentance and conversion, but his chief regret seems to have been that the negroes

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attained more nearyy normal areas. These data show that the rheumatic patient suffers from a disorder of the phy- sicochemical pattern of his blood as well as from a path-

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Their mounds, or earth works, have been divided by some authorities into four classes, viz. 1, Defensive mounds; 2, Observation or Signal

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Leonicenos Nachfolger Giovanni Manardo (1462 — 1536) verfolgt. Aehn- liehe Ansichten hatte schliesslich der junge facopo Missio in einem Briefe

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great kindness which Dr. O'Reilly had shown to himself and the other members of the house staff. He was sure every man who

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wrapped at one end with cloth or tow and freely coated with some greasy The end of the sound having arrived in contact with the obstacle,

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Methylal, meth'-il-al. C 3 H 8 2 . A colorless, pungent, bitter fluid Methylam'in. NCII 5 . A gaseous ptomain from putrid fish.

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a guinea-pig by feeding infected human lice upon them failed. An attempt to infect a guinea-pig with the excreta taken from heavily infected human

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"prisons as institutional structures or of prisoners as incarcerated persons"; (3) "research on conditions particularly affecting prisoners as a class (for example,

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long as the incised parts are not tightened togeth- They generally take a longer time to heal, as it is 'Contractibility of the tissue than the aperture of

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late beneath the leaves, and suck out trie juice. Soap made from sperm oil can be applied to the tree, and will be a successful remedy,

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the surroundings take on the form of the ruins in which I " Sometimes I do not think that I thoroughly awaken, as I seem to doze off, and there are the conflicting ideas that I am

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pour la faire entrer dans l'alimentation populaire ; on la récolte sur les chênes à noix de galles, et on la conserve d'une année à l'autre en la mettant sous forme de pains

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as the sensation resembles the driving a nail into the sometimes attack the external parts of the head, be- violent pain, which continues fixed in one place, not

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ptetdy rllmppoared, and between tlic atrophied cells Iherv is n riclily 3(4 DISEASES OF THE SPiSM. HAIUtOW AND ITS UBUDKANSa

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der Volker. Motivenforschungen von Dr. jur. Otto Ehinger und Dr. jur. Wolfram Kimmig. MUnchen, E. Reinhardt, 1910. ••"• Zur Geschichte der Rechtswissenschaft am Anfange des Mittel-

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sUbcd bir forcthly iqu«€zing fUt In conuots, and ftflcr- rule for drciding, whether cxvlqutioQorthe ttlceraiuve pmccM

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son évolution, au Surrà et au Nagana du cheval. La fièvre est intermittente, accusée que dans les deux maladies de l'ancien continent. C'est de ce

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old custom of delivering women under a sheet to protect their modesty was still practiced in a modified degree in Illinois as late as 1889.

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pelvis there are ih.B pudic, gluteal, and lesser ischiatic. The sympathetic nerve is distributed with all the other nerves of the

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Trembley, and Bonnet, one of the pioneers of experimental morphology in the strictly modern sense. Reaumur, in 1712, i)roduced regenerations of the

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an olmoet infinite series, till the ultimate lobules terminate antecedently, aic filled with air, conveyed by an innu- merablo host of exquisitely slender ramifications from the

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exposure. Inflammation of the brain may occur in some cases. It reaches its height in about four days, disappeaiing entirely about the

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posscdent apparement la meme energie potentielle (somrae de Tcnergie Pour donner une explication objective de I'originc de I'cnergie sur-

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were Union and four were Confederate soldiers. In fifteen cases the injury was inflicted by conoidal musket balls, in three by shell fragments, in one by a grape shot, and in six

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program in 58- 59, the world still does not have a vaccine. And the world s major labs are still trying to find it. You raise

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Anatomy is taught in our school more thoroughly than in any other school, because we want the student to carry a living picture of all or any part of the body in his mind, as an artist

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FOIA requests for records in the custody of the federal records centers must be submitted to the federal agency that transferred the records to the federal records center.

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was in them ; my sweeping man, however, a Bangee of the Pariah caste, eat them with avidity, and grew corpulent The following case may prove that all large serpents are

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This visit should be a pleasant experience, do much should be taken to the dentist for his first visit, to prevent the fear that often leads to a postpone-

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as though it were a needle, because of the sharpness of the the day of the crisis, accompanied by a lessening of the pain,

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from the lumbar portion of the cord upward into the pons. It consists of neuroglia and a number of ganglion cells. R.'s Tuber-

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Farrar, C. B. War and neurosis, with some observations of the Canadian Ex- peditionary Force. Am. J. Insan., Bait., 1917, v. 73, pp. 693-719.

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SuHaca of the skin, somctinies witlun the tissuca, and somctiriKS in both together. A classification of the ityphilides into many speciM

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7955 Voda superficie total, cabendo o resto, ou 20,5%, as propriedades agricolas, quesao em numero do 648.153, egualando 175.104.675 hectares.

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near tlie acromion process of the right shoulder in front, j)assed nncler the upper portion of the humerus, and out about four

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frames. Then move an undisturbed hive to a new place a rod or more away, and place the new hive where the old one stood. This

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Sept. 22nd, 1841, studied medicine at Dr. Rolph's Medical School, Toronto, and graduated in 1869. In 1870 he married Maggie,

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