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Judge Wm. Z. and Minerva Hart (Potter) Stuart; ed. com. sch.; grad. Dartmouth Coll., 1871 ; N. Y. Coll. Phys. Surgs. ; M.D., L. I.
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T. and Margaret (Marshall) Smith; ed. priv. sch. and Episc. high sch., Alexandria, Va.; grad. Univ. Md., 1894; post-grad. Johns
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Bei Diarrhoe, soler B, wird auf dem Bauch ein Unguentum eingerieben, dessen Hauptbestandtheile sind: Gambas, Betelnuss, Kalk und Kokosöl.
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the first member of the Society to be so honored, has been Dr. Douglas E. Bragdon, .Assistant Professor of Anat- omy, has received a grant from the Committee on Re-
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vered that plants exhale pure air, while others deny it. Inflammable air seeks the upper regions of the atmo- sphere, and is destroyed in the meteoric explosions,
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1829 and 1830; and Lieutenant Governor in 1831 and 1834. He was elected Governor in 1837 as a Whig, but in 1840, on account of the in-
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that there is also an increased amount of urea, the chief excrementitious 2. An increase in the cutaneous excretion. — Water-drinking is one of the
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Adventu Fratrum Minorum in Angliam. II. — Adaj de Marisco Epistolse. III. — Registrum Fratrum Minorum Londonite. Edited
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cative of a severe febrile affection are present. The animals are disinclined to feed ; they present evidence of great prostration and lie
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ifests one or several powers of the mind with an ordinary degree oT energy, but is deprived, to a greater or less ex- tent, of the power of manifesting all the others. Our coun-
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The smell of cheese shows that animal fats have been added; rancidity discovers mucilaginous seeds; and a bitter or musty taste, that the nut is unripe, or too much
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radiation sickness. Seven months after the test, one of the crew members died. 134 The others were hospitalized for more than a year, until May 1955. The event
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boi'der for the distance of half an inch. The piece of bone lietween the fractures is ([uadrangular in shape, and lias been forced
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of failure was over their spirits. They desired Franklin to convey this message to their friends on the other side : that it was now their fixed opinion that nothing could
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lenmuin da ceile, in trath glactur iad ; 7 neithi gaotmura, amail ata pis 7 ponuir, oir tairrngid an gaotmuirecht an tadbur cum na
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This will usually prove sufficient to find out if the toxins are likely to be successful. Should the tumour continue to grow, the treatment
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Tumors. — In discussing tumors and similar growths no attempt will be made to describe in detail the various t}"pes. Only the anomalous instances
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century, mentions a chemical society which existed at Fez at that time. From their constant contact with strange lands and peoples,
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phagocytic index shows an increase, which lasts, however, only 24 hours, when it returns to its previous low value. According to the author, these
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genito-urin. surgery, Saginaw Val. Med. Coll. Author: valuable contribs. to med. journs. Clubs: (social), etc. Residence: 923 La-
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the chief causes of appendicitis are (i) Constipation; (2) Dietetic faults — excessive and unnatural eating and unsuitable foods ; (3)
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Rights of Individuals' Privacy and Compensation Issues 105 Dr. Maynard V. Olson, Professor of Medical Grenetics and Genetics,
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I'hcse things have accordingly been done, and the varying cuts of the 2nd edition put into, or referred to in, the notes. The differences in
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to his mother to see." Mrs. Reid soon had that Indian baby shining like a copper kettle, and later, when these Shawnees from Kentucky who
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transplanted, and their purchase should be made from dealers w r ho have reliability, and upon whose judgment the fruit grower can
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personal interests of subjects of research. IRBs should not have the authority to decide how to balance competing principles in situations where the competence of
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one in the orbital plate of frontal bone receiving the lacrimal gland. F. navicula'ris, (1) the dilatation of the urethra near
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hours by mercuric chloride (1:10000), by carbolic acid solution (1:100), and by sulphate of copper solution (1:100). It is killed by desiccation, by quick lime and by chloride of
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a cité récemment le cas d'un homme qui a succombé après avoir été piqué par des fourmis s'allongent considérablement dans Taction; elles sont d'ailleurs fili-
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Leighes, cure; pass.; R.A. cura, rnedicamentum; Wi. leges, Heilung, Heilen; Mx. Iheihys. Vn., to cure; 3 sg. pres. ind. leighisind, 9b; leigeosaidh, 3 sg. fut.; R.A. curare.
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I extraction des corps etrangers solides autres que les calculs, Paris, 1843); GC.NTNF.R (Chir. Beobachtungen. Fremde Kocrptr in der llarnrohre. in Memn-
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constituting the Viddri-Gandhddi Gaiia and mixed with (a good quantity ofj clarified butter or a Yavagu prepared boiled with barley, Kola and KulattJui pulse, should be
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Consultation 21-27 March 1988 held at Chiang Mai, Thailand, Cambridge University Anyinam C.A. 1987 Persistence with Change: A Rural-Urban Study of Ethno-Medical Practices
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exactly coincides with the natural laws. " Once in and once out," is the rule for breeding given by Mr. Smith in his work on " Breed-
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Scott, the Government bacteriologist of Hung-Kong, discusses the pre- valence and character of tuberculosis in that city, and points out that
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over outer angle of orbit, passed downward and backward, and emerged at angle of inferior maxilla of opposite side. Right
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at least some of these ancient native diseases. The comprehensive work of Moodie 5 devotes a chapter to "Disease Among the Pre-Columbian Indians
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the prejudice against bleeding young and old persons seems to author, copying from Galen, forbids persons to be bled before
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rapidly, is at first felt in one or both lumbar re- ritis, with ischuria, and disturbance of the cerebral in the loins is often not felt unless on firm pres-
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coach they had no power to pre- informed by a friend, that he alone serve. The horses were taken was personally acquainted with
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strategy of a backwoodsman, whose daring was comparable to that of his renowned contemporary, Marion. However, in this enterprise of
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Rabbits (in sniflies), 1 or 2 gr. twice a day. Externally the solution is used for the foot-rot of sheep : and as a cleansing wash for foul ulcers in horses and cattle. Used
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"IHU.KOTII (Til.) (Chirurgische Krfalirnngen, Zurich, 18UO-67, in Arch, fur Klin. Chir., 18GU, B. X, S. 532) observes: "It is a woll-known fact
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so impair the action of this nerve that it will have a tendency to the production of pneumonia. A lesion of the fourth may have either an
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umbilicus, lesions of omphalitis, of ascending umbilical arteritis in Fig. 52. — Ulcer;ition ot the articnlav cartilage in infections rlienniatism.
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diseases equally as dangerous as smallpox itself, to choose their blood, let it decompose and rot, and then insert that blood into
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this man entered Carver Hospital. Surgeon O. A. Judson, U. S. V., reported: "Gunshot flesh wound of the right forearm. An
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he shall never be proposed a second time, unless it be satis- factorily proved that he has since acquired such qualification.
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47. Feeble-minded desire to remain at the front Kastan, 1916. .. .58 48. An imbecile sent back by Germans Lautier, 1915 ... .60
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Mitchell, James Edwin Henry, Middleicich, Cheshire. Moffatt, Alfred Aithur Paget, 89, Whalley New-road, Blackburn. Moffatt, Christoplier William Paget, M.B. Camb., The North
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Sringi is a variety of aconite which if tied to the horn of a Kdlahita. This poison is said to bo the gnm of a plant resembling the Ficus religiosa in appearance. It is a native of
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threatening the ambitions of Southern Hberal reformers and Northern conservative businessmen who wanted to "modernize" and industrialize the region. In 1899 these leaders organized the
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persevering efforts of the patient, who had faithfully executed the directions given him on the subject, which were to introduce
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As far as could be ascertained, the oldest working hospital library in the City of Chicago, and perhaps in Illinois, is the Joseph Brennemann
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Hausfliege, Harland die grosse braune Pferdefliege. Ogston fand in dem Blaseninhalte (in i Falle) einen dem Gonococcus ähnlichen Mikrococcus,
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the front of the neck are the vagus, and phrenic. These nerves are sometimes treated for a palliative effect by pressure directed over their
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joints ; and the reason of this great difference was in some, the thigh is put in without any apparatus, managed with the hands, and a little jerking ; while
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superficially altered in color and texture. But the greater portion of the hemispheres, the ventricles, the cerebellum, pons
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level, on eastern slope of Malvern Hills (o miles long and rising to 1400 ft.), 2i hours from London (I'addington), and about i hour from Birmingham.
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onset of symptoms. UNC will add more neurologists trained in sleep disorders. The center started as a one-bed unit but will ultimately be expanded to 16 beds to accommodate
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collects some cases in his inaugural dissertation ; but Professor GlcOSS (Elements of Pathological Anatomy, 2d cd., 1845, Chap. XXIV), with his usual
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pulmonaire sous l'influence successive de l'air marin et de l'air continental l'action nuisible, congestionnante, de l'atmosphère humide, chaude, et à
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of eaniinijf his livelihood by labour in conseciuciice of a <i;unshot April 4, 18:j().— The Boanl met. Members present: 0. Wid-
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amination by a state board of examiners before he may be allowed to practice medicine within the confines of the commonwealth, will make
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AT1A)ID'0-OCOIP'ITAL. Relating to Ibe Tkiult. O'-d. CompoaltK. The root, whan ■tU« aad oecipnt. The Ailoida-artlp'llal Aiii- "oandsd, yieldi a milky, rieoid Jnlee, whleb
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Keen's arrangement, which is still simpler and equally efficient, is to fasten with tacks or pins a piece of cloth, or even strong paper, across the lower
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Granular pipnrnt and often also ha;matoidin cn-stala arc formed from the htpmatin. At the name time, in the immcdintfl vicinity of tho dot,
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"Consequently their destruction is effected by the action of the Vessels of the other parts with which these are connected, or
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[ugelschraube. Ein sebnabel Lange. Ein Abbeisser. Ein pilkan. Ein Mundt- schraube. Eine mundt und Wundtspritze. Ein Cautisier Eisen. Einen In-
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pres. Rocky Mount. Interst. Med. Assn. Author: contrib. to med. SOLLMANN, Torald Hermann; physician; b. Coburg, Germany,
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without any other metal, sucli .is copper, tin, etc., one pound ; add quicksilver, half a pound. Put both into an iron pan or pot ; pour over them one measure of acctum and a quarter of a pound of vitriol, with one ounce and a half of sal
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manhood. His features were large and rugged, and the expression of his countenance, when in repose, was somewhat severe. His modest, honest, gentle, sympathetic nature fitted
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Antifermentative, an-te-fer-men' -tat-iv. Arresting fermentation. Antigalac'tic. An agent lessening the secretion of milk.
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Mask, mask. A bandage covering the face. 2. Chloasma. Masochism, mas'-o-kizm. A form of sexual perversion whic Mass, mas. Any aggregation of matter. M., Blue. See Bit
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corn meal as a food among the poorer classes, and the general impression gained ground that pellagra was a toxaemia originating from spoiled
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1. Induction is much prolonged, frequently as much as "straight" ether, and this is often the prelude of respi- ratory spasm, and struggling. 3. In over-robust or al-
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paste ; mix the other powders accurately together, then with the sugar, lastly add the mucilage, beat the whole into a uniform mass, and divide it into _ 40 equal lozenges.
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aaect of a peculiar kindlj. This opinion has not been tWe arc, oevertlieleiiA, very considerably in the dark u]m>u subject; for tJicre are numerous cases of the disease
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the parts which suffer the most pain are the groin, the ham, and the back part of the leg, about its middle. The pain indeed extends over the whole limb, owing to the
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Webb, Arthur Lisle Ambrose. Royal A rmy Medical Corps. Webb, Fredk. Edwd. Apthorpe, 48, Tenison-road, Cambridge. Webb, Hugh George Stiles, Royal Army Medical Corps.
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the bronchial tubes to the esophagus, where they are carried into the stomach, finally lodging in the small intestine to reach
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tenee. It is iu lliis manner that warts and condylomata arc formed. Wartfl arise by the elongation and combination of a few pajiilhc, so v
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vol. iii. p. 47. Pearson's Principles of Surgery, vol. i. cence on the surface of the skin in many parts of the Its fruit hath the common quality of all sub-acid fruits,
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CoMM. Commentary. Nicander, in his Alexiphai'mics, treats of bane ; 2, Argenti spuma, or litharge ; 3, Buprestis ; 4, Cantha-
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into an ointment with lard 1 oz. This will be better than the sale ointment, but not as good as the " Home Made," above.
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von Voit).— Ann. d'ocul., Bruz., 1889, cii, 5-107, port. (J.-P. Nuel).— Arch, d'opht.. Par., 1889, ix, 193-204 (E. Landolt).— Proc. Roy. Soc.
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ntue lautet : j,Galeniis multa a Dioscoride et filio Serapionis et Paulo dicta Handschrift lautet folgendermassen : Galenos theilt in seinen Werken vieles
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tlfo , that the fun and Moon are not mounted upon cba- lots, but within bar dges or boats continually do move and aile as it were round about the world ; giving us thereby
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more than three different directions, viz : inwards, forwards and outwards. It is said sometimes to be dislocated back- wards, and it has also been thrown upwards between the ti-
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extension, foot in equinovarus, heel raised. He walked, dragging the leg, which trembled; the trembling then ex- tended to the rest of the body. In dorsal decubitus, the
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fracturing the radius. The ball entered the middle of the forearm upon its anterior aspect, and passed out about two inches
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Du. l-.Dsvis .M 11 iiiKw. Du. W. T. RicHiK, Du. John Eason, Du. Joiis D. Comuie, Lecturers In Clinical Mctlicinc, i;dinburgh I'niversity. (0;ic Wu-niirii).
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TarhiiiaUd (\\\\\>. Diet. I. B., Blade, the scapula. B., Boat-like, llie scapliold bone. B., Breast-, tlie consisting clilelly of spongy tissue. B., Cannon-. See
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stitutions suffer severely, and bad hygiene contributes much to the mortality. The deaths vary from one to twenty per cent.
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vertebral disc is very thick and markedly elastic, yet on account of its position, it bearing the superimposed weight of the body, it is often
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which he is remarkable beyond all else \ a cow, because he is never tired of eating and drinking, and his stomach knows no moderation ; a bear, because
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1890 Preston, Charles Henry. M.D. Lond., Sale, Cheshire. 1872 Preston, Theodore Julian, 16, St. John's-park, Blackheath. s.e.
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26 per cent of those from morbid conditions of the throat other than scarlet fever. This evidence is against the view held by some
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iiiple of Apollo at Delphi — a plastic expression of his iatromantic itt — and a grotesque, childish figure (like a tiny-hooded monk or
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which brought every new production before his eyes, and called for his decision, the author thought that the principal questions were decided in his mind, and had little doubt of render-
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pertaining to starch-converting f 's. Diastatic ; Amylo- change of proteicls by digestive f. Proteolysis (adj. ail instrument to measure the degree of f. Zymosim-
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tion of the linen is usually conclusive evidence in the case of boys. lue genital organs, too, receive an undue share of attention. Tin-
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Meinert's Form of Enteroptosis, Enteroptosis occurring in chlo- Meissner's Corpuscles. Ovoid, laminated corpuscles connected
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New York City. Associate Editor for Diseases of the Nervous System, Foster Kennedy, M.D., F.R.S.E., Pro- fessor of Clinical Neurology, Cornell University Medical
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greater confidence one may have in the reliability of the average, and that the larger the number of animals used, the more nearly will the average approach
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in the part. (Cat. Surg. Sect., I860, p. 456, Spec. 1190.) Captain Meyer was mustered out November 12, 1863, and entered the
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especially staphylococcus infection may be due. AYhile in view of the fact that to-day the asepsis of mouth receives considerable attention before and after opera-
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about three-fifths of the surface of our globe, and nearly seven-tenths of the bodies of man and of most animals. If the common fluid upon which
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repeated morning and evening; but the root may al- 1 hepatica nobilis Tragi is endued with the principal virtues of the ginseng. Sec Ran Historia Plantarum.
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medical department. At the suggestion of the Governor, the Trustees of the University appointed a committee to confer with a similar committee from
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amount of proteins and of salts so the fluid thus added to the blood might resemble much more closely the com- position of the plasma than could any artificial solution.
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with a minimum of new tissue and consequently a shorter convalescence. It is also reasonable to assume this re- pair may go on so rapidly and the new vessels form so
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comes more frequent, particularly after meals and towards even- ing. Towards evening there is also frequently experienced a
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to both claws of one foot, or to the claws of more than one foot in the Diagnosis. Diagnosis is easy. The separation of the horn, the
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by hypnotism, or by any other method in these cases, war- rant us in supposing that there are no such fine molecular changes as Oppenheim and von Sarbo assert. Such experi-

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