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and are only approved by those like them, who are as unskilful as themselves, but do not take their ease quite so much, hoping that they may search into
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tres expressif de comparaison des aliments envisages au point de Supposons, en effet, que nous voulions apprecier la valeur com-
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responsible for some of the discord. Intriguing for official prominence on the part of one or two individuals engendered dissension and opposition on
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Da simples inspecgao da formula deduzida ve-se que a densi- metria poderia servir para a determinagao dos pesos moleculares, si
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1704. Assimilated to shore hospitals and manned hy merchant crew and 1709. Hospital ships subject to inspection by commander in chief. R2918;
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Pharmacopoca, zugleich Doctorsdiplom erhalten. Er beschreibt es als verfertigt von weisser Weidenrinde, worauf mit rothem Ocher eine lebensgrosse Menschen-
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and fitted to the cavity of the mouth to afford solid support to tlie soft parts that were transferred for the reconstruction
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found about Scarborough in Yorkshire, Preston in Lan- cashire ; and a whitish stone at Tolfa near Rome : these stones are calcined and exposed to the air. They thus
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Schüler und beim tigÜchcn Unterricht (S. Autlage, Leipzig, 1800) findet sich ein Kind in der oben gerühmten Reform kleidun g abgebildet. Der
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This edition has translations of all the Notes and Appendices. The Turkish and Spanish Empires, in the Sixteenth Century, and beginning
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National Engineering Laboratory. Releases related to radiological warfare tests took place primarily at the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. Radioactive material
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flakes, with a bitter astringent taste, soluble in alcohol and ether and slightly in water. In small doses it is diuretic and cathartic and an emetic in large doses. It
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the Argonne National Laboratory, records that "clinical testing programs" had only been authorized, at least for the time being, at Berkeley and Rochester. However, Brues urged
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betes mellitus, shock, acute pancreatitis, diarrheal disease, .\ summation of the clinical picture along with the all- important laboratory studies arc usually conclusive, Thi-
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The ])at!iologic,al specimen is represented in the adjoining wood-cut, (Fio. 92,) Sect. I, A. M. M. and was contributed by Assistant Surgeon G. L. Porter, U. S. A.
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If the mother does not suckle her child, her breasts skin, to keep up a constant perspiration. If she does suckle, she should carefully cover the breasts when she
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appointed ag%tiv rv ixrfSt. He was the author of the theriaca, still known by his name, whose utility con- sisted not only in resisting the power of all poisons, but
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Post-Graduate Medical School, 1900-17. President of Board of Health, Highland Park, 111., 1921 to date. Married Helen Serrell Wainwright, April 14, 1903, at
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element owing to its being insufficiently charged with it, body fails to bear the inclemencies of weather and the variations of terrestrial heat, and becomes apathetic to
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non, Vincennes, and Clark's Grant. It was a magnificent conclusion of a most difficult task by Gen. Wayne, and his service was hailed with
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ammunition apiece and supplies for forty days, eight hundred chosen Indians to whom there would be distributed twelve rounds of ammuni-
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a Section on Nephritis and Allied Diseases in Infancy and Childhood, by Elvira Goettsch, .\.B., M.D., and John D. Lyttle, A.B., M.D. 1113 pages with 543 figures. W. B.
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proached, to some extent, by those in even the most restricted circumstances, if they only begin at the right point and pursue
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upon the back or propped up high in lied and avoid- ance of bending Itiward or pressing upon the affected side. S., Kellock's, increaseii vibration of the ribs
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Pfiyslcal map: A map of the locations of identifiable landmarks on DNA (e.g., restriction enzyme cutting sites, genes), regardless of inheritance. Distance is measured in base
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ARMSBY, and MUSSEY, in the eighteenth volume of the Transactions of the American Medical Association, 1867, p. 2:;y). Other references to shot
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this be frothy, it indicates active bronchitis, catarrh, or influenza ; if stringy, and of a whitish or yellowish color, the bronchitis has
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depoiit IS more usual with hyi)ernephroma. Carcinoma and sarcoma tend to infiltrate the surrounding ti.ssues more rapiilly than hyjMJr-
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i. Febrilis, see Siibsultus tendinuui — s. Festinans, be'thitm, Sorbet' turn, Sorbe'tum. A drink prepared ' I cleave.' A longitudinal fracture of a bone. —
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crossing the occipital bone obliquely, emerged three inches from the wound of entrance, gi-azing the bone in its passage. He
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attained by the former means, namely by allowing drainage into the intestine, by direct treatment of the stricture, or even by cholecysto-
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which has its firm adherents. But whether we favor the exhibi- tion of remedies having for their object a direct interference
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apprises us of the fact that "he continually carried on the practice of medicine with success." That this good opinion of him was general
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trismus, stiffness of the neck, limbs and vertebral column, spasm of the spinal muscles and muscles of the limbs (tonic contraction), and
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edited an Kncyrl()i)odia of Chinese medicine (1()44 A. D.), and Shenfj; Tung wrote a hook on osteology. Chinese anatomy is mainly splanchnology, angi-
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2. Goldschmit: Hinsif and Shatzky Psychiatric Diction- 3. Jung, C. G.: Contributions lo Analytical Psychology. Tr. Baynes, Keegan Paul. Trench Trubner & Co., Lon-
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This plant is the poley germander or polion of the Greeks. The drug consists of the small, woolly flowers, mixed with some stalks
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ing effusion ; in this case the patient may never rally from his state of stupor, or, if ho does, it will be but for a short time ;
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1905 Harrison, Edward Montague, M.B. Lend., 42, New North-road, 1896 Harrison, Herbert, M, Snuthatnpton-street. w.C. 1896 Harrison, Louis Kennetii. M.B. Camb., Leicester.
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Baker, Dodington George Richard Sherston, Indian Med. Service. Baker, Fredeiic Charles Joseph, North Molton, N. Devon. Baker, Fredei'ick Relland, 11, Albert-road, Brighton.
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advantage at an early day. Perrot notes the difference between the food supplies of the tribes of the wooded countries and those of the
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Jime for joint surgery in keeping with the general condition of the patient. It is doubtful that either the antibiotics or
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fracturing it. The arm was amputated on the field, twenty-six hours after the injury, at the shoulder joint. From the field he was sent to Philadelphia, being six days on the journey. He was trans
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compression, we had much better not interfere at all, inasmuch as such cases prove almost invariably fatal. Such, at least,
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the beginning of January a heavy fall of snow, three feet deep, took place, and it grew much colder than I expected Before the expiration of the year 18 17, I had an oppor-
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Curative treatment consists in removing the cause and treating the enteritis. The latter is best controlled by giving emollients, diuretics,
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to add another well-known and familiar name, that of John Adamson Edmond. Born on May 20th, 1887, he "Was the younger son of J. A.
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however, was to sample proposals across the range of radiation research conducted on human subjects rather than to identify specific research as falling
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tions of the eyelids and ears. They conclude that heredo- syphilis is the Sabouraud states that trichorrhexis nodosa, trichodasia, and trichopti-
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followed by a purgative, which is perhaps in most cases best administered Diet — The food should be entirely liquid, and given in very small
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This xcound gradually assumed an unhealthy action ; patient became emaciat d, and died of exhaustion at twenty minutes after
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respects you must conduct the treatment as may appear suit- able to the wound. And in trepanning you must frequently remove the trepan, on account of the heat in the bone, and
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188G Prall, Samuel Esmond, M.B. Loud., Indian Medical Service. 1883 Prang-ley, Henry John, Tudor House, Anerley. s.k. 1889 Pratt, Edward Fredk., M.B. Durh.. Hcaton-rd., Neweastle-on-Tyne.
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large-scale, high-accuracy sequencing of chromosome 19, other chromosomes, and targeted genomic regions in the human and mouse. The center also is committed to exploit-
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showed no alteration in pulse-rate or blood pressure level. During the next few liours, however, in the presence of certain factors, the pressure was found to fall, the pulse-
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Soothing Properti'cs. — In very many diseased conditions of the skin the soothing character of an ointment is that which is
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bacillus, the micro-organism discovered by Koch of Berlin. In all cases of tubercular lungs, this bacillus is found in the expectoration, and a suspected case in which it is not found
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tion in the Helmand. The samples are similar; they are sweet, sticky, transparent, quite soluble in water, and become hard and
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use of these blisters I regularly the pommeling system of Admiral took alterative medicine. Under Henry. — Lon. Gaz. of Health.
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namely, in the harder and more complex articles, mixing the poisons with them. Wherefore a person who entertains sus- picions, ought to avoid all prepared dishes and every intense
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thorax. A., Alve'olar, that marking the outlines of the alveolar processes of the jaw. A. of Aor'ta. See A or la. A.s, Aor'tic,
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therewith and swelled ; for when these things occur, there is 16. A piece of bone that must separate from tlie rest of the bone, in consequence of a wound in the head, either from
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correct, causes the food to consume ; this continues the warmth of the body by continually supporting the fire. The stomach is
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paralivcly but few, and tlie proscription has. perha|is, been carried too far. 11ie principle upon which they Pnodple ut is. in some degree, doubtful. The simplest wiiy oflSLTS"
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performed for the fistula in this part, often ensues. The anus is subject to many disorders, and they are generally somewhat difficult of cure, because of the ir-
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Rosenthale, Marvin E., Ortho Pharmaceuticals. Raritan, NJ Ross, Russell, Dept of Pathology, Sch of Medicine, Univ of Rossen, Roger D., Baylor Coll of Med. Texas Med Ctr, Hous-
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32. NEPA stood for Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft. 33. Other participants included Robley Evans, Hymer Friedell, Robert Stone,
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SiNCi the Oriental transcript of this work waa imperfect in many fUkHf tke translation of it had to be talcen accordiug to the great
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C. Artomius,J)e Gravissimo Renum Affectu Calculosa, 4to. Cluiius, Lapidis Nephritici Natura, I'ropriet., Operat., &o.,
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di riforma bancaria del bancbiere venedano Angdo Sanudo. — 36. Gaudend, A. Le no- tide dorsali delle antiche carte bologned e la formula "post traditam oomplevi et dedi"
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Here as elsewhere, "general knowledge means general ignorance" (Froude). Dr. John J. Abel is quite right when he says that "there should be in research
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Inoculated smallpox and vaccinia appear to be essentially modifications of smallpox, altered by transmission through man or animals. Dr. Copeman has indeed demonstrated
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A primary and secondary amputation of the forearm, after division of the bones by CASE 1845. Private William Billows, Co. C, 3d New York Cavalry, aged 30 years, received a sword wound of the left
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several departments of science in Kin<;'s Collo<j;e ; shortly, however, after its appearance, it was mentioned with some sort
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Thompson, J. N., Food and Nutrition Research. Health Pro- Thompson, James C, Dept of Surgery. Univ of Texas McdicaJ Thomson, J. F., Div Biological A Medical Res. Aigonne Na-
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spasm of the muscularis of the large gut and hyper- in the o\arv ; colic due to reflected ovarian disturbance. Pancreatic, si>asniodic pain about the pancreas. C,
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of all these hole-and-corner schools was toward wholesale contempt for the scientific achievements of men like IMchat and Mafjendie,
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of Lake Michigan, then along the eastern shore of said lake to Missili- mackinac thence easterly across the North end of Lake Huron to the
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they are concerned, the sin brings its own punishment, and the punishment is sufficiently severe. It makes no difference, that they
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calf lymph without result. It was not practicable to vaccinate the calf. It is highly probable that the disease of the udders from which
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The pain-sensitive structures within the cranial vault are the cranial blood vessels (arteries and veins), the dura, the
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very beginning. For, above all else, Alchemy is a subject which is not com- prised in mere words, but only in elaborate facts ; just as is the case with the
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a wandering c. Archeotype ; Ameboid c. ; Phagocylie ; Synonyms: Cytodiereds, Fragmentation, Segmentation. stages of indirect c.-d. 1. Close-skein ; 2. Loose-skein ;
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referred to him for exuniinalion, as an expert whose testimony is generally accepted as hnal. The results of his labors, therefore, as gathered together in this volume, carelully weighed and

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