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took a course in the Rochester Collegiate Institute. He received his medical His first practice was at Otisco, Mich., where he remained for two years,
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natural. The first order, class Genetica, of Good. | Gnicui nylves'tris sen henedic' tua, Cardiobot'auum, decoction of the herb is emetic : — a strong infu-
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of the gonadotrophic hormone. There is no advantage in waiting for the result of this test, however, before performing orchidectomy inasmuch as
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Private William Deal, Co, I, 7th Illinois Cavalry, July 28th, 1854. Sergeant R. S. Dow, Co. C, 39th Massachusetts Volunteers, October 15th, 1864.
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man of a brilliant and gay disposition, not very religious, with- out special sexual abnormality, was mobilized in class 1914,
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pable of dissolving one kind of ali- race, the motion communicated ment only, so that nutriment of to the body must be of the gen-
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close, no matter what was done, unless one changed the circular form of the opening. The same principle he regular plan is to expose the sac, open it, replace what
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are the seat of smell; they aid, also, in respiration is external and anterior, ixn& is called the external nasal spine, situate at the inferior part of the an-
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(b) One convejing impulses from the periphery to a centre. The impulse may be one of the special senses, sight, heAriug, smell,
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The animals are afterwards dressed with decoctions of tobacco, with Helmerich's ointment, or the other mixtures above mentioned.
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Removal of tJie entire ann and shoidder-girdle (Ber- ger's operation) was done by J. W. G. Grant" in a man, of 43, for carcinoma starting in thumb, and for which
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seventy-five. To this number he adds the duties and thoughts of a sheriff, which are numerous enough to buzz his wheels at
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firmly back, bandages are tied to the nails, carried tinder each axilla, and crossed on the back figxire-of-8 fashion ; as many turns are made and the stave is drawn as tightly
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tributed to the .\rniy Medical Museum by Acting Assistant Surgeon Charles Carter, and are represented in the adjacent wood-cut, (FiG. 27). The notes of the case were furnished by Assistant Surgeon C. H.
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lobe and central gyri. O. cervical, relating to the (Illus. Diet.). O. meningeal, relating to the occipi- tal bone and the dura. O. petrosal, relating to the
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potatoes or tish. Cod-liver oil may be used as a sauce in the same way, disguising its taste in the butter by pepper, vinegar, or anchovies, and gradually increasing its amount
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From tlie latter point, a second incision was carried downward and a little forward over the edge of the jaw, to a point on the
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at the time, so it is quite possible that the troops up the Line got And while we are writing about Bob we must explain how he
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Cap. 121. rtpv.'Mov (fol. r. 66) == Erodium glaucophyllum Ait.; dans le Codex Cœsareus, bonne figure du Geranium tuberosum L., suivant Daubeny.
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have been able to evolve from them any general principles, or certain rules of practice. In the fourth chapter (§ 10 — 12),
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traction. See Contraction. P. Deaf 'ness. See Paracusis wil- Parepididymis, par-ah-ep-id-id'-im-is. See Paradidymis. Par'affin. 1. Any saturated hydrocarbon of the marsh-gas series
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tpute au long dans un ouvrage bien connu sous le num de Vers Van 1C32, deux jeunes filles du Couvcnt des Urse- lines u Loudun, sc trouvant atteintes de convulsions acconi-
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an opinion must at once have prevented the general use of animal food. It was most probably introduced into Greece by It is stated that, during the three first Yugas, cow's and buffaloe's
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atis Afnka, Centralbl. f. Bakt. u. Parasitenkunde, I Abz. Bd. Unter einer Anzahl von Entozoen, die Dr. Fidleborn am Nyassasee in
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day the performers imitate his feats, but never with the same grace and per- In 1882 an acrobat bearing the natural name of Arsens Blondin traversed
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tient was hospitalized for three months before sufficient power returned to his serratus anterior muscle to enable In Case 2, to insure immobilization a body cast was ap-
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other. Consequently, in indulging in the contemplation of such creations and circumstances as form the staple of a vast majority of the publications that now flood the market, is to
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cines are to be rubbed over the part ; as Bhaturd root, castor oil plant root, Inchur root, Sajind bark, and mustard seed. Mix them
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control when you're sick so you have to rely on your doctor ... if he suggests that you should go into a research project, I think you should really take his advice or her advice,
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1873, he was presented with a testimonial by the residents of West supply. He was noted for his solid accuracy, promptitude and
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receive medical care locally by a team of experts from the UNC School of Medicine in the management and treatment of this
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ti orally, and 1 day following the last drug Ingestion. In addition, a small blood sample (less than 1 teaspoon) will be taken on all but the first day. of the investigation.
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12. statt im 16. Jahre Samen habe" (I.e. p. 47). Und weiter: „Durch die frühe Reife oder den frühen Samen, ehe der Körper und die Seele des
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The eruption wbb hereby repolled ; buthcwa«tmmodiateJy aitacked with an asthmatic fit, which returned twice within tb> space of a month. M. Pontifex advised him to haro
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A.D. What would be your probable modes of thought and procedure 69. What was the first medical tract to be printed What was the first medi-
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importance, were left open to any enterprising teacher. Such, apparently, at that time was our author; for we have many reasons to convince us, that even at this time
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shell is a shell of powder or a shell of fear, and whether the shock is of solid particles or in a moral sense, the problem
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but this is a mere reprint from Gangadliar's Berhampore edition (p. 575), for which there is no known manusci'ipt authority. It appears
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cases); the suprarenal was missing in 31 cases. The solitary kidney Microscopically the enlargement would seem to be due rather to hyperplasia
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The eruption wbb hereby repolled ; buthcwa«tmmodiateJy aitacked with an asthmatic fit, which returned twice within tb> space of a month. M. Pontifex advised him to haro
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Winston, William Bamford, ]\l.B. Lond,, Bounds Green-roady Winter, George Mitchell. St. Mary's Church, Torquay. Winter. John Bradbury, 28, Montpelier-road, Brighton.
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actcriittic Wan vha\M! is distinctly recogutzablc, and it oftrn can be upward and downn-anl. A patient in my vard, by nioviiig and
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tinum. The lateral roentgenograms have been particularly useful in revealing the signs of air in the precordial region, from whence it was withdrawn with
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of common mercury, arsenic, sulphur, and the like, by sublimation, descension, formulas prescribed in the books of the sophists. Likewise avoid the
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irould produce a total suspension of living power: and turns from ttui wind and Htnnds still ; when, if the complaiat ' be sitghi, Mild, in its infancy, it Koon vanishi-a,
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t<able was depressed two lines, but remained attached. The inner table in the vicinity of tlie fracture, exhibited evidences of
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depression between openings of e. d. in urethra. Sinus' ELECTRIC BATTERY. See also Electricity, Electric cur- pertaining to positive pole of e. b. Anodal ; Anodic.
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qui dévorent les cadavres de pestiférés dans les Tours du silence, aux environs de Bombay, ne subissent aucun dommage après ces repas funèbres,
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1 oz. ; give a tablespoonful iii the mashes or food. lu Purgative Poivder. Ep.som salt 8 oz., aloes 10 oz., aniseed Poivder for the Gripes. Aloes, senna, ginger, cream of
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to the disease. In cases of long standing, which resist the usual modes of treatment, the folhnving remedy may be liad recourse
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fail, and the swelling continue, accompanied with hardness, and increase so as to threaten a sudden gangrene over the whole part, recourse must be
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Jesus Christ, fiilfillcd the will of bis Father, and when bis will was accomplished, he was taken up to his Father." Then said Abgarus,
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serve the close scrutiny of this subcommittee: a lack of adequate financial resources for research into the cause, cure, and preven-
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some sensory disturbance is referred to the back, crest of the ilium, and over the hip as low as the great trochanter, that is, in the areas supplied by the
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L which it ia merged hy Dr. Cullen and various other l-n"!- [vrriterH: for in the last there is not necessarily a gnawing
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Illinois College of Medicine, 1917. Married Elizabeth Katherine McArdle August 6, 1921, at Oak Park, 111. Captain, M. C., U. S. A., 21 months' service with A.
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the lesser curvature treated by sympathectomy.] Bull, et mem. Soc. de chir. Chaton records 3 cases of ulcer of the lesser curvature treated by gastro-
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his discharge February 25, 1865, because of "anchylosis of left wrist, and loss of first and second fingers with their metacarpal
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545. — Andral, Pathol. Anat. (Transl.), vol. li., p. 482; el Cliuiiiue Med., t. ii., p. 204. — C'lvveiltiier, Diet, de Miid. et
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deavouring to separate the adhesion with the point of a scalpel, or of a polypus knife, and more especially to free the glans com-
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liquors and he can scarcely fail to quench the last embers of her af- fection for him. The husband who is guilty of these indiscretions
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New Sydenham Society — Secretary, 9, Wimiiole Street, W. Ophthalmological Society of the United Kingdom — 11, Chandos Street, W.
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was turned over, covered with earth, and stunned. He could hardly get up. He was carried to shelter and found para- Next day, he was carried to the ambulance, and hemian-
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under tiie three headings of 1) Chance, 2) Espcriment, 3) Imitation, and illu- strâtes CBuh by interesting examples and anecdotes, a few of which maj be
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much difficulty in getting the parts to unite. To accomplish this end, it is best to use a slipper with a strap attached to the
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reconciliation was not effected between them, it was agreed that Dr. Dowding should retract the words, ' liar, scoundrel and
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grounds that lie had ne<;locted to |)ut in a claim on his return from tiio frontier, and that there was no provision for contin-
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1373 East Morehead Street. Charlotte, for the practice of psychiatry. Dr. Wright, who returns to Charlotte after teaching at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania,
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wliere the left axilhiry artery was ligatod in the axilla on account of pcrsist;'nt hajmurrliage on .July 1st. Patient pale, arm
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any: "An Experimental Inquiry into the Properties of' Ipitiin," by John Leigh of Virginia (Jyiinhurgh, 17815), which gained ihe Harveian prize in 1785; and
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Dr Moss' research and the synergism between insecticides as they affect cockroaches, We hope this information proves helpful as the search is made for causes of the Gulf
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abscess. Among 65 cases under the bismuth treatment, only i died. Relapses and hepatic complications were also prevented by the treat-
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Soma, comme boisson divine, est gardé dans la mythologie indienne, par un gandharva, qui a donc le même caractère que les centaures helléniques,
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word " knee " {jduu) signifies the knee-cap [jdmtka], marking the articulation of leg and thigh. The " two collar-bones "
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Private William Deal, Co, I, 7th Illinois Cavalry, July 28th, 1854. Sergeant R. S. Dow, Co. C, 39th Massachusetts Volunteers, October 15th, 1864.
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chromosome as the transmitter of inherited characters. It was in this way that anatomic studies came to l)e more and more histologic or microscopic, and the "seats and causes" of
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five years his activities were centered in Colorado and he observed, and was in certain ways responsible for, its development from a wilderness into
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liie ii|Mplerti(; fit usually occurs at the nutact, but Bomctimcs docs not eofDO ou till niter tbc appearance of the paralysia. The stroke of
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lassen. Hatte Richter das lateinische Original wirklich in Händen gehabt, diplom (No. LVII. des Anhanges) ist alles Lobenswerte erschöpft, was
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than radon .because these other factors had not caused lung cancer in other occupational settings. 7 Among Hueper's peers, dissenters, such as Egon Lorenz,
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including a charitable contribution to our School of Medicine in your will can lower your estate taxes and possibly increase the
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the IND and suspected that there have probably been technical changes over the years. This should be updated. The fact that
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Entzündungen dos Zahnfleisches, inggocsi B, kommen infolge des Feilens Lähmungen oder Missbildungen werden wenig wahrgenommen, vielleicht
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on the TV at the time, watching for each twist and turn of the argument to develop. But we weren't." 59 It might have been expected that the researchers at
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Among 14,000 domestic and foreign HGN subscribers are genome and basic researchers at universities, national laboratories, nonprofit organizations, and industrial facili-
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record referred to in subsection (a) of this section is maintained, gives his written consent, the content of such record may be disclosed
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XLII. I omit this, as beiug obviously a corrupt form In Theogony 124 Hesiod calls clay the daughter of night. According to Heracleitus day and night, two opposites, are
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a la paresse, repugnent aux tnivaux de I'espril comine a 1'e- xercice du corps ; aussi lie doit-on pas s'etonncr de n'cn
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extremely dangerous. The Arabs were not unlike the rest of us-- The other interesting thing worth noting was that the Arabs,
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in two directions : attempts at betterment of treatment hitherto accepted as good enough, and attack upon organs and diseases till
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and collecting accounts. The business suggestions will be found all right. Anyone using a book of this character saves a great deal
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tice that the fust puUalion b followed by a second, weaker one, that tbe imlsc beats double. Tbe double pulse, wltich docs not wicur exclu-
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edition seems sufficient recommendation for any book; in fact, Anders' Practice does not now need any recommendation — it is
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die in't ontwerpen, vergaderen, fchikken en behandelen der pen- ningen moeten vvorden inachtgenomen. Door Mr. Gerard van
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" The recently puljlislied Oxford IMedical Manuals are types which other publishers may take as models. The books which make up this series are
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3 One or two peculiarities of the symptoms may be noted : The vomiting is commonly a regurgitatiou without co-operation of the diaphragm.
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He grew gradually better. In May he could go out alone. The muscular strength increased. The adiadochokinesis and synergic disturbances lessened; the hemianesthesia persisted.
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