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Although symptoms may disappear and the reaction become negative after a single course, relapses with a positive reaction may occur after

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the miserly minister would no longer hesitate to procure the money required for the release of the sovereign, who was then undergoing such ignominy. Similar oriental

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w'ho served many years as secretary-treasurer, was elected Winner of the J. Shelton Horsley award for the out- standing piece of research in \irginia was Dr. D. B. Dun-

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His speech was entitled "What Does the Public Think About Health and Health Care How Does That Shape our Public Policy Debates" In it, he discussed public perceptions

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Image Proceasing for the Study of Brain Structure amd Function: Problems and Programs -Nancy Andreaaen, Gregg Cohen, et al

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February iiiStb, 1865, he was admitted into the Jackson Hospital at Kichmoud, Virginia, whence lie was returned to duty on

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In the following pages, however, I have endeavoured to give an outline of the work that was carried out during the period

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'99-1900. Residence: 626 Buchanan St., Topeka, Kan. MEDBERY, Josiah; physician; b. Reynoldsburg, O., 1853; s. Josiah and Enfield E. Medbery ; ed. com. sch. and acad. Reynoldsburg ; grad.

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air, since long exposure to the atmosphere is necessary to its production. The taste is acid and astringent ; it effervesces with lime, and reddens the blue vegetable

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is ordained by God for this conjunction, and that is the Archeus of Nature. He afterwards requires his operatives to co-operate with him, to fashion the

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in things foreign to our An. For although this spirit which we seek, on accoutit of its qualities, is called by these what one wilU there is hut one spirit working everywhere and in all things. That is the spirit which, when rising,

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presents a shrunken and attenuated appearance, owing in part to the low of structure in the extensor muscles and their con

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but what else they did I was not able to ascertain. Under the title of " hoddentin " will be found the statement made by

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Policlinic, Henrotin and Chicago General hospitals. Married Jeloh Larson, October 16, 1899, at Chicago. Service: Captain, M. C., U. S. A.; discharged 1919.

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six muscles in the trunk), three are in the region of the (Sevan i) ; two in the scrotum ; five in each of the bladder ; five in the abdomen (Udara) ; one about the

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Mary's Hosp.; mem. R. Coll. Phys., 1893; elected Fellow 1900; Ex- aminer in Practical Pharmacy, R. Coll. Phys. since 1901 ; Examiner

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perly insists upon it, as a strong argument in favour of the genuineness of this treatise, that it had been commented upon

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jMonarchy. Text re\ised and edited, with introduction, etc, by C. Legislative Methods and Forms. By sirC. p. Ilbert, k.c.s.i.

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when he was sent to hospital No. 1, at Frederick, and placed under the care of Dr. Redfern Davien who made the following note of the injury and autopsy: "The external wound was beneath the left

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1880 he became superintendent of the Cincinnati Sanitarium and remained at its head until his death, in 1903. An honorary degree was granted him by the

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thread that struck a particularly responsive chord with the Committee was the sheer frustration felt by many, even experienced researchers, who had tried to find their own

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of the hitter show the ])ayment of alms to the scrofulous poor. After ]{ichar<I ll's time, there is comi)lete silence in the chronicles until 14()2, when Henry

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produced in the Puri gaol by the admission of a man recently con- valescent from cholera, who was proved to be a " carrier." Flies

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used a Milk-free Fluid Diet. After an initial dose of calomel, the patient is kept on water only for twenty-four hours. At the end

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Pulv. CretiE Comp., fj. Misce. Dosis, a gr. v. ad 2)j. R Sodie Carbon, exsic, 3iv. ; Hydrarg. cum Creli. 3i]. R Ferri Seiquioxidi, Antimonii Crudi, aS, partes oequales

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Britain, and 17 per cent, were provincial licentiates. During this period the medical supply reached its lowest ebb, because

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scirrhus — c. Ventriculi, Gastroscirrhus ; see Gas- Cardi'acus super -ficia 'lis ; the middle — C. profun- coronary plexus. 3. The p>osterior cardiac plexus

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deltoid enable him to abduct the arm in the slightest degree." Examiner James Neil, of Harlem, New York, A reported: "The right arm hangs like a pendulum and is useless." Tin- pensioner \vas paid Mai

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times happens, patients complain of pain within the knee and on the inner side. I have known patients to complain of pain in the inner side of the

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iodide — the size of the dose depending upon the size of the cow and the character of the attack — in about one quart of clean water

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prisms obtained from oil of bitter almonds and isomeric Azobenzoyl {ciz-o-fit-n'-zo-il). C.;jH,5N,. A crystal- line substance obtained from crude bitter-almond oil by

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enlargement of one of the nerves of the axillary plexus." This officer died September 17, 1864, and, on the widow s claim for

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or 28.4 per cent. There remain 1,159 cases, of which 008, with 87 deaths, were non-penetrating, a mortality of 12.0 per cent., and 491, with 450 deaths,

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strated that by overcoming this anemia by careful dieting, many chronic ulcers will heal, which without especial attention to this

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a sufficiently strong stimulus is applied, to enable or induce her The patient's mind, during the intermissions of the attack,

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Under Suffolk, in his Worthies of England, Part III, p. 59, Puller popular Preacher. Bateman, Bishop of Norwich, procured the Pope

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Affairs, accompanied by Jeanne B. Fites, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Mills, Rudolph, World War II veteran, Fredericksburg, VA 3

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• For a very interesting account of arrow wounds, witli numerous illustrative cases and judicious suggestions as to treat-

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transfei-red to the Mower Hospital, Pliila<lelj)hia. Until July iid, tlie patient's health was excellent and no fracture was

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cases); the suprarenal was missing in 31 cases. The solitary kidney Microscopically the enlargement would seem to be due rather to hyperplasia

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the frontal sinus is markedly affected and requires operation, or when orbital abscess is present or threatened. Lambert Lack, in continuing

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by Bernhard Cohn in 1860. "No writer," says Osier, "has more graphically described the trophic troubles following spinal and cerebral disorders, particu-

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Sometimes on manipulation of lenses the full vision can be produced for the types. Parsons seeks to explain the psy- chology of traumatic amblyopia in the light of deductions of

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careful antiseptic irrigation, the majority of scarlatinal otorrhoeas can be cured ; some few cannot, owing to the presence of carious bone,

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little superstition has been mingled with it. Springs and wells have often been supposed to possess some mysterious power and for that

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Tliese symptoms increased in gravity continuously, the patient becoming more ami more exhausted until the 23d, when he died.

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upper extremity of which four fragments of the inner table remain attached, depresse<l two lines at the free edge. One fissure

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HORTON, J. H., Lieut. -CuL, D.S.O., I.M.S. Was the son of Major J. Horton, of Woolwich, and was educated at Guy's Hospital, where he gainod the Arthur Durham Prize in 1891,

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Gliabacteria [gli-ah-bak-te'-re-ah) \jXia, glue; Bac- teritim'\. Bacteria in the zooglea stage, embedded in Gliacyte ( gli'-ah-sit ) [yAi'a, glue ; nvroq, cell] . A

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and T vs G and C. Differences in size and banding pattern allow the 24 chromosomes to be distinguished from each other, an analysis called a karyotype. A few types of major

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of little curative value, as they do not exercise the same specific action as in acute rheumatism. Aspirin is of decided use for the relief of pain

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tans ceux qui nc sont pas attaints de la meme maladie, ainsi que les convalcic:ns ; et nous voyons avec plaisir que la Le-

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we must have done something exceptionally big to attract such On Sunday, August 18th, a thanksgiving service was held in

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hernial tumor, after wliich a ligature was thrown around its base and tightened. A day or two subsequently, the patient passed

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Les lecteurs du Janus connaissent la riche collection des codes manuscrits, de médecine ancienne, examinés, déjà, par Pierre Giacosa, pendant TExposition

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Harri.i, George, Private, Co. D. 3uth Iiuliana Voluntcei-s, aged 20 years. Kenesaw Mountain, June 18th, 1864. November 16th, 1864; discharged September 30tb, 1865. Examiner E. E. Hawn, M. D., reports, April 27th, 1869, mental

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The giving of milk discolored with blood may be treated by Sore and Warty Teats. — Irritation to the teats by filth, cold,

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sclera in the equatorial region. S.. Scarpa's, posterior staphyloma ; slaphyloina of the posterior segment of Staphylomycosis ( staf-il-o-nii-A'o'sis) [Staphylococcus ;

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successful cultivation of the sciences, may be supposed to have studied with much care the means of succouring the wounded and maimed, of alleviating pain, and curing diseases.

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a wound l&gt;y a conoidal musket ball which comminuted the transverse process of the sacrum. Haemorrhage from the sciatic

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Besides this, the black and red sulphides of mercury are also used internally. The black sulphide is prepared by rubbing together-

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awakened by an intensely burning and wrenchuig pain in the ball of the gi-eat toe, or some other small joint. This pain continues for about

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tendon, the trembling became excessive and irregular, and the leg passed into a heaving spasm which would outlast the percussion for some time. The patellar clonus could

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Dr. Brandt. Well, I will turn it over to the scientists at this I think it is important that we do have a spontaneous disease

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takes place too rapidly, and if, at the same time, there is spasm of the larynx, as in hooping-cough, the inspiration becomes nearly impossible, and is accompanied by a violent

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magistrate for inspection. The strong and promising Mere preserved and the weak destroyed. The founders of the Roman Empire followed a similar

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have been already pointed out. We must congratu- | pride. — American Medical Journal. Second edition, enlarged. One handsome royal 12mo. vol., of nearly 400 pages, with 1S2 wood-

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also where his love for Ann Rutledge engendered expectations of a happy married life, which fate crushed by her death, to bring the first

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expression of "arrested development," and that the embryo in each successive stage of its existence resembles the completed form of

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of such mechanistic contrivances, all of us all over that the Devil himself must be able at last to live moral, ethical spectacles. I doubt if Truth can ever

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her the earliest and sweetest tokens of her maiden love. Thus, softened by these memories, to a mood of kind and gentle indulg-

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Isaac A. Abt 1908-1909 Clifford G. Grulee 1921-1922 The society now has a membership of about fifty. Among its activities

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All our medical knowledge is tlie result of experi- progress in medicine is, that its professors have not divested themselves of that narrow-minded adherence

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treatment of hospital gangrene, every third or fourth day. An The rapid decline of the disease opiate is also prescribed when

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chez les coulies employés par les planteurs de thé. Les notes de Haffkine sur les résultats obtenus à Calcutta démontrent que sur 654 non inoculés

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picious symptoms, while they have any sores on the hands, and in case they must run any risk of contact with infection, to

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there was the ever present panoply of war. Just about the time some oldtimer would become half convinced that an armistice

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b<Mtment pcopoMd hy SeMflikt, by which he has obtAhtod soiiu suo 0BS9, and which cousists In tlio npptiefttkin of "spltml-root, ami i\mxa.\

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l>r. Charles Van Ituskirk formerly Assistant Professoi ol N< Dr. Van Ituskirk assuming Ins duties as of July I. l ( >54. His appointmenl thu

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wandering pains, which have been considered as rheu- matic; and we suspect have occasioned the nosologists to introduce the genus synochus. These pains are ap-

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